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What is Pride worth?

I was having a chat with one of our student, Amber was there and she wasn't exercised enough for a few days due to the rain and pest appearing more frequently. For a start, she was behaving rather well off leash, coming back by herself after roaming too far off and doing her marking near the drains as we've taught. Then suddenly, one of our boarding guest started to bark non stop, Amber followed and soft barked a couple of times, our student seemed like she was expecting a correction from me, but I didn't do anything and continued our conversation. Moments later, Amber started to whine as she couldn't get any attention from the humans, I kept quiet and ignored. Everything started to collapse when she was asked to go into the carrier, well she did it perfectly, only problem was she didn't want to come out when called, instead of punishing her or pulling her out, I walked over to Nicole, brought out some treats and rewarded her when she came out. If you've be

Fetch game

Amber impressed us yesterday as we played fetch with her. After waiting with Creamie (while the humans were talking), we decided to let her destress by playing fetch games. As you can see from the video, she managed to catch the ball using her mouth! We've been trying to train her for some time and did not have such continuos success (maybe my throwing skills is too bad, hahaha), well considering that her jaws are weak she managed to to did it 3 times, we exclaimed and praised her continuously. Having a dog is so much fun together!