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We humans create anxiety in our dogs and secretly enjoy it while saying "we can't bear".  Truth is we do it to make ourselves seem precious in the mind of our dogs.

Special Care

This year end wasn't the luckiest, with 4 first time guests, 3 had anxiety issues and kept us up for 4 consecutive nights. We were so worried that they might hurt themselves or create trouble for the neighbors and had to check on them almost every hour, as well as making sure the ones that were not involved can rest better. Because of this, I'll like to officially announce that we now have a separate category for dogs that requires special attention due to behavioral issues, this category is called "Special Care".

Can you? - part 1

J: Can you send any message to my dog? Psychic: Yes as long as your dog wish to communicate J: Can you get her to roll over now? Psychic: No, she said she doesn't want to J: *got the dog to roll over* Psychic: That's because you have food with you, your dog loves chicken! J: Here's a treat, now get my dog to roll over with telepathy Psychic: Wow you are funny! It doesn't work like that, oh by the way..... she loves duck too..... You mean you can send messages and tell me that my dog says she loves me and loves specific food and toy, but she can't understand simple commands? 

Dog myth 14: I can judge a dog's temperament based on its breed

Dog myth 14: I can judge a dog's temperament based on its breed How many of you have considered a specific dog breed because "The Book" says that their behavior suits your specific lifestyle and is perfect for you? While there are evidence that different breeds tend to have varied temperaments due to inherited behavior(s) from their ancestors, dog breeding have come a long way and many of the claimed personality are slowly diminishing over the years. The reason I've decided to bring this point up was due to seeing a question on a post, where a user had asked about general poodle behavior. So here was my reply: "It will be best not to predict the temperament based on general breed info(they have not been up to date for a very long time lol), and with all the mass breeding and stuff their temperaments are most likely messed up. Many have purchased a poodle thinking that they are affectionate, intelligent and easy to train, but in my opinion it varies

Scam at its best

Recently my Facebook newsfeed was surrounded by someone whom had lost his dog. I didn't really read into details until one day I start seeing a lot of urgent posting to get people into helping him "trap" his dog, curiously I read the post further to find out more. So it's actually a timid dog that had ran away from home, and due to its behavioral instinct, trapping was needed to keep it from escaping. But the million dollar question was, how did he know where to find his dog? "The AC said it will appear at XX time" AC, which is a short term for Animal Communicator in Singapore, simply meant psychic, not Air Con. Ok so right after reading that sentence, my head started to be filled with gazillions of *face palm*. Honestly speaking, part of me did not wish for the dog to be found as predicted by the psychic, and yet another part of me hoped the poor dog would be found. Though I do not believe in psychics, chances will logically increase t