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Amber goes to Waterway Point!

It's been awhile since we shared Amber's updates, recently we brought her to the newly opened Waterway Point at Punggol and she had a blast! Waterway point is a neighborhood shopping mall located just beside Punggol mrt, it's walking distance from our place and we had been there a couple of times personally to understand which area we could bring Amber to. The mall had an open area for relaxing, it's build beside a canal with trees, plants and parks along the path. The park felt similar to Punggol Settlement except that this place had a huge mall right beside it. To reach the mall without getting caught (oops), we first walked Amber on leash till Punggol Mrt, there were many people around and they seemed happy seeing Amber, then we entered the underground link by carrying her, which was fine as no one noticed her mini head. After exiting the underground link, we reached the entrance of the mall, instead of entering the main entrance we walked her around the out