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Encountering yet another ignorant owner

While waiting for transport, I thought I had seen a well trained a little chi hua hua being walked off leash, then it started rushing past dozens of passerby, out of nowhere I heard a man shouting "STOP", I looked back and noticed that the owner was at least 5 meters away from his dog, screaming while walking slowly like it wasn't the first time his dog did that. Apparently the chi hua hua ignored his shouting and continue moving forward. I was really pissed off but knowing that it wasn't my dog and that this kind of conversation will usually end up in quarrels, I simply watch quietly, or and did I mention that it was a narrow path right beside a busy road?! Luckily the dog saw a bush and started doing its marking while the owner caught up, he then stood behind his dog and kept repeating "STOP", which obviously the dog didn't care and just continue what it was doing. I'm not sure how many times he had allowed this to happen but his luck will soo

Raw Chow

After the last experience with Amber being diagnosed with UTI and diarrhea from trying K9 Natural's raw dehydrated food, we learned that her body isn't suitable for raw even if it's supposedly nutritious. A few months had passed and we decided to give raw another try, this time instead of K9 Natural , we gave Amber Raw Chow from Sunday Pets. Sunday Pets is a New Zealand brand and is only available at Pet Lovers Centre in Singapore, apparently they are the sole supplier and do not wish to share this products with other retailers so the only way to get this product locally is to purchase from their outlets.