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101 Dog Myths 08: My dog is portraying unwanted behaviors because of it's breed

Dog Myths 08 -  My dog is portraying unwanted behaviors because of it's breed We noticed that a lot of people associate their dog's unwanted behaviors with the breed, be it barking, aggression or even eating habits, the breed of the dog would always be the "number one culprit". This misconception is getting worst as more people start to spread fake information, just like the how Pit Bull rumors came about that caused a lot of dogs to be put down, we will elaborate further below. When we talk about dog breeds, we are talking about the features, size and characteristics according to what a particular breed is bred for, this although is important for owners to understand before deciding on a dog should not be relied on excessively. For example, poodles in the past are used as a hunting dog, so most of them are energetic, smart and good swimmers, this should tell you that the breed needs to be exercised daily because of the energy level, however most people misunderst

Being involved

During my service days many years ago, I was offered a side job to catch stray dogs and bring them outside, further into the forest they said. I was offered $300 per dog (at that point of time this money was useful for someone in the service), however I rejected the offer knowing what was going on, I was well aware where these dogs would be taken to, and no it's not to the forest.

Our Online shop has officially launched!

We have finally launched our online shop after 7 months of planning and design! In the midst of brainstorming we have also designed a logo to represent not only for our Online Shop, but also for Obedience Training and Rehabilitation service, we want to let people know that we are serious in what we do. The meaning of our Logo The word "Petit Pooch" means Small Dog(s), this is to emphasize that we specialize in small-medium breeds. Petit Pooch logo was designed in such a way that it looked serious from the outside, but within are hidden meanings to show a fun side behind the serious looks, the "i" word was replaced with a small paw to represent small dog, the two "o" in Pooch is joined together to show packs or teamwork (we work in a pair), we want to convey a message to say that even though we are strict when it comes to training dogs, we do play hard when it's time to play, thus the 3 distinctive colors are also seen as points to categorize our

Things to do with your dog

This post is created to list down the things that you can enjoy with your dog, a lot of people think that playing toys and letting their dogs run is the only activity to do with them. Dogs are highly intelligent and social animals, other than appreciating daily routine and exercises, they also enjoy surprises every now and then, we'd always advice owners to mix some new stuff and try different things to let their dogs feel fresh and enjoy more quality activities! We will update this post every now and then thus the date of the post schedule will be refreshed to the top every time its updated, this way readers can know changes have been made :) Before you read on, please click here to learn some tips on practicing proper dog manners outdoors.