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My journey to becoming a Certified Trainer (Part 1)

Hey guys how are you doing? I hope you are still learning new stuff from the blog, it's been a tiring year as I had been juggling between working and studying at the same time, as well as making plans for our new boarding facility. As you have probably learned from the title, I was studying to become a certified trainer! If you've followed the blog, you should know that I would never e ncou rage aspiring trainers to take on certification, reason being that  1) it doesn't reflect on a person's credibility when it comes to subjects like this,  and  2) certification can also be used as a shield to defend and/or p romote a trainer's reputation even if what he/he does is unethical.  Well in this post I am going to share my journey, the ups and downs and also my view on dog training certification after experiencing it in person.  As usual, I'm not going to be sharing names as this is not a post about reviews, but my personal journey. Why I decided to take on

Amber 2017!

Hey Guys, sorry about the lack of updates. Time really flies, it felt like it was just a couple of months ago that I had just shared about Amber. Amber will be 6 years old this year, which also mean that we have officially been training dogs for more than 5 years now! For those that are new here - We blogged about Amber when she was younger and shared how she was trained, owners that needed help stumbled onto our guides and requested for demonstration in person, and that was how we became trainers :) Amber at this point of time is reaching middle age, her personality is more or less fixed and like all dogs, she has her good and bad points. I will start with the good points first, Amber is an extrovert in nature who loves exploring and meeting people, we brought her out a lot when she was younger - daily walks plus 1-2 outings per week. She loves humans especially and would not hesitate the shower them with kisses at first meet. Amber loves to share, of course not her favorite