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Preparing for the hot season

Monsoon season is over, which means that ticks and fleas are getting lesser, now we can start walking our furkids for a longer period of time without worrying about rain and wet grounds! With this in mind, you might want to know that what's coming next will also be months of dry and very hot weather, ranging from 33-35 degrees celsius daily as reported in the news. In this article we'd like to share a few tips to help keep your dog safe and healthy during this period of time. Few things that most owners might think of when fighting the hot weather - ice, air conditioning, cold treats etc., well these although helps to make one feel comfortable, are actually not the best ways to keep your dog cool, a lot of inexperienced owners always think of their dogs like human, thus applying human treatment on their pets, this is not right and you need to start changing for their sake. Do note that this article is based on locally approved breeds and may not benefit dogs that are born t

Dog myth 11: It is okay to feed my dog human food once in awhile

Dog myth 11: It is okay to feed my dog human food once in awhile There are more and more owners destroying their dog's health and food is one of the main reason, many think it is okay to feed their dogs food that is safe for human consumption, this is a very wrong mentality and we will explain more in this post. Humans and dogs are two totally different species, what's beneficial for us are not always good for dogs, most of the time it can even be harmful. When it comes to food, many owners like to eat in front of their dogs, thus making them curious about the food humans are having, this is when owners will start feeling guilty and may give some of what they are eating to their dogs, now if you are one of these people, stop doing this, you are destroying your dog's health just because of your selfishness. When one does something like that, they are clearly not thinking about the consequences it might have on their dog, putting aside food that are toxic to dogs, a simp