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Walk encounter with Irresponsible Dog Owner

UPDATED with Video We were doing our daily night walk at the park, as we finished our walk, we let the dogs roam around a small space, Amber was practicing her stay command, we had another dog with us so we walked her around the small space for a bit, this dog had pretty serious aggression towards other dogs and was undergoing rehabilitation. We did see from far that a man was walking his dog, a golden retriever, he seemed to be looking at our direction but since the dog was on leash we just ignored, as he got closer to us, I noticed the dog with me growling towards the direction of the golden retriever, all of a sudden the man put his golden retriever off leash and it dashed right towards us, the dog with me started to snap at it, I blocked them and the golden retriever kept pushing forward so I pushed it away, apparently the golden retriever didn't even know that the dog with me was aggressive, felt a few teeth sensation from her on my legs as I blocked, the dog with me was o

Psychic Detectives

Came across this article that explains clearly on psychic detectives, they use the same tactics for pets, saying things like "it's harder to find pets that are lost for more than xx hours", everything comes down to common sense if one think through about it. In the aftermath of the  recent rescue  of three abducted girls held captive in a Cleveland home for years, one strange twist was revealed: The mother of one of the abducted girls, Amanda Berry, had asked prominent psychic Sylvia Browne whether her missing daughter was alive or not. Browne’s response:  “She’s not alive.” Of course Berry was indeed alive, and it’s not the first time that Browne had told the families of  missing children  that their loved ones were dead when they were not. NEWS: Psychic Claimed Amanda Berry Was Dead But other psychics have made the opposite error, which can be just as devastating. For example in September 2012, Harsha Maddula, a Northwestern University student, went missing a