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Bubbles's Distemper Part 2 - The Breeder

Even after Bubbles death, I was having dreams about her and found myself not ready to let go of this case, I was sure that there are many more victims like her and truly hoped no more puppies would suffer in the hands of this breeder. We decided to first share the breeder’s contact online, many started asking if we could show the breeder’s face but unfortunately, all deals were done at the void deck. All I could learn from the owner was that this breeder is a young chinese female in her 20-30s. We started with nothing but this My first attempt I WhatsApp the breeder asking if she was still breeding toy poodles. Got blue ticked (read) but no reply whatsoever. When I tried calling the phone was turned off. On the next day after sharing the above screenshot, I got a private message from a lady through our Facebook page, urging me to contact her mobile ASAP. After asking if it was linked to Bubbles, she started sharing her experience that she had also gotten a puppy from

Bubbles Distemper - Part 1

If you’ve been following our Facebook page, we recently shared a case on a toy poodle named Bubbles, who was euthanized as she contracted distemper. It got to her brain after failing to fight the illness for a couple of weeks.  Click here for the post For general knowledge, distemper is a highly contagious disease that kills 80% of puppies contracted with it, there are no cures available at the moment. Distemper can trick the dog believing that it is well for a couple of days, and then fall sick out of a sudden, this can go on until the dog is finally too weak to fight the illness, then fatality will occur. The way distemper work is so tricky that even vets themselves may get fooled into believing that the dog is recovering from a mild sickness. Most distemper cases come from bad breeding practices and pet farms. I first met Bubbles at a private training session, she was still 2 months then. The owner had just bought her from a home breeder and because she had not finished h