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Sleepy Amber

We always bring Amber with us to the hair salon because it is near to Nex Playground, but other than the hair dresser playing with her from time to time, she would have nothing to do but take a little nap. This is the video of her dozing off. This is also her chance to fully charge her energy because at Nex Playground she is going to play as much as she can!

Looks like we are in some luck

25/08/2012 We went to Nex Shopping Mall yesterday, i came across a booth for obedience classes, wanted to take a look at the brochure and prices. I then saw a lady, wearing dress and portraying some sort of high class look, she was attending one of the classes there and i supposed she was confirming her attendance with the guy at the booth. Her poodle suddenly pooped, she looked down at the mess, walked to a corner and acted as if she was searching for something in her handbag. We stared at her throughout, hoping she sees us staring and would pick up her dog's poop, she didn't. After acting like she was looking for something in her bag for a minute, she quickly pulled her dog into the dog playground, the guy that was at the booth spoke in a light tone after she walked away, he said "hey your dog poo poo". I assume the lady didn't hear that, and i can see that the guy was very unhappy with the lady, in my opinion i believed he didn't move forward to tell he

Pet Product Review - Nylabone Puppy Fish

If you have read up my previous review on Nylabone Puppy Chew , it was rated a high score of 9/10 by us. We review everything carefully towards our own opinion not only as a customer but also not forgetting to put ourselves in the shoes of the shop/product manufacturer. Using this "Customer : Shop/Manufacturer" formula we believe the reviews will turn out to be truthful and unbiased. Well i have to say that Nylabone totally disappointed us this time, i bought Puppy Fish this time thinking that Amber would look forward to playing her new toy, the delivery lady, who was also the owner of the online shop sent the items to my doorstep. While i was washing the toy, i decided to give it a slight twist, and the tail broked. There were small pieces of Puppy Fish after it broke and they looked like transparent sand. The lady exchanged a new Puppy Fish for me on the spot after i complained that it was badly produced, she then told me that it might be due to keeping in the warehouse f

Irresponsible Owners

This is something i saw while being at the dog event recently, a man's golden retriever started to poo on the floor. He saw it and chose to walk away, after about 2 minutes, a lady stepped on the poo and things started to go hay wired, people started to find out the source of the poop, and then magically the guy reappeared, walked towards a corner and brought the cleaner over to pick up the poop. This is a very good example of an irresponsible pet owner, dog lovers or not, nobody likes to step on a poop and soil their shoes. You do not let your dog poop in your living room and then leave it there, so there is no reason to leave it in public. Some people let their dogs poop on the grasses and then say that it is fertilizers for the grass, truth is it is not. Read here . Please don't tell me it is fertilizer for the concrete too, so start picking up your dog poop today, if you don't have tissue, ask the aunties for one

Our Very First Dog Event at Discover Dogs 2012

We saw this poster online, it was about the upcoming dog event at Expo Hall 7 on 19 August 2012. It was supposed to be one of the biggest dog event of the year, we decided to go and it costed us $8 each person and $1 for each dog. This is our first time attending a dog event and we had no idea what to expect, how Amber is going to pee and if she would get into any sort of trouble as this is a big event, there are many kinds of owner and dogs, some dogs are dangerous, some people walk without looking down etc. The first thing when i looked at this poster, i got frustrated by the layout and look of the design that i went straight to the website given to expect better information. Which was worst, this was the information i got: TICKET PRICING: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm: $ 8.00 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm: $ 4.00 After 8:00 pm - FREE Children: 12 years and below - FREE (link)   There was no proper information about the ticket pricing in a way that they don't list out what the 1

Pet Product Review - Nylabone Puppy Chew

We were searching online for the most suitable toy for Amber, it has to be durable and interesting for her as well as light and small enough for her to carry around. We looked around and found Nylabone toys, Nylabone alongside Kong are some of the most popular brands for dog toys. We thought for quite awhile and decided to get Nylabone Puppy Chew because of the design, this is a bone shaped toy that is twisted in the center as well as some ribbed texture on both ends of the bone to attract puppies to chew on it for longer period of time. Initially we wanted to get Nylabone fish but we ultimately chose puppy chew in the end. We  chose the Blue puppy chew bone from doggyfriend but received the Orange bone at $14.85. The first thing when we received the toy was to wash it first, while washing I tried twisting the toy to test it's durability, dog toys are suppose to be made very durable and strong because dogs are vey rough when playing, they bite, paw and throw the toys hard, the

Happy 8th Month~

Today is Amber's 8th Month~ gonna post a video of her doing her first simple trick :)

Pet Shop Review - Babyrou Dogbows

We were introduced by Masmas Groomers to this online shop, they sell all sorts of handmade bows/ribbons that are really beautiful! We decided to choose 3 different bows, one pink hat clip, one kitty bow and one teddybear LV design bow. During the conversation online with Babyrou Dogbows, i asked if they could give me some bands for me to tie onto Amber's hair to make it more firm before i put on the bows, they were okay with it! I actually preferred to collect my items by meetup but they said they were very busy and they could only do it through post, which i had to pay an extra $1 for it. It was okay for me but the problem is that Babyrou Dogbows was quite hard to contact even through facebook, they only reply once a day and it was mostly short and not very informative. When i had confirmed the orders they didn't even give me the account number to transfer the money to, which i had to ask and wait for the reply. The orders reached within 2 days which was great, i took out th