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Grooming trip 23 February 2013

Update: 16 March 2013, Video at the far end of the post. We brought Amber to the reservoir on Saturday for her grooming again, her hair were getting longer, we could see the round teddy bear like shape on her snout now and thought she would look great with some trimming! We also decided it would be a good idea to go for grooming since we would be away from 31 March to 18 April, and on the 30th we will bring her for another grooming before we leave. Amber spitting her kibbles in the morning

Amber's first interactive toy

3 part video where Amber tries the interactive toy we bought for the first time! You can see how clever dogs are when they are trained with consistency.

How to teach your dog "The Invisible Wall"

Introduction   There were couple of enquiries regarding the video we posted on The Invisible Wall, because of this we have decided to post a tutorial on how we taught Amber how not to cross areas that we do not want her to step into, it is very simple yet effective method, even our favorite dog that boarded with us, Shinee learned in just 2 days!