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How NOT to greet a dog :)

Loving Pets Grooming Shop Review

We finally got the courage to bring our beloved Amber to a new grooming shop, which was called Loving Pets. We stumbled onto this shop while browsing an online pet forum called Petschannel, and saw a lot of good reviews, our motive was to find a good groomer that is near to where we stay. After browsing through the reviews, we went to their website for a look. The website was not only badly designed, it was also empty, there seemed no purpose other than to tell people their address, no operating hours, no information on charges either, pretty horrible. We emailed them and there was no reply even after 3 working days so I called them up, I asked about their rates and whether they had received my email. The lady receiving the call then explained that it was because their email system was down and they were still revamping their website, we thought it was fair enough and since they had ensured that they practiced open concept grooming, we went ahead and booked a slot with them. Through

Testimonial - Olivia (Povanes)

Pet Shop Review - MasMas Grooming

Updated 09 July 2013 We could still remember the very first time we brought our late rabbit, Chocolate for grooming at Mas Mas, they were really passionate about their work. The way they handled and groomed Chocolate told us that we had always been visiting the wrong groomer in the past, if you didn't know, Chocolate's previous groomer hurt her a few times, traumatized and even scolded us for things we didn't understand. Mas Mas stayed in our head for years, and when we got Amber, the first groomer we thought of was Mas Mas. They did really well initially, if you had known us or even asked us for recommendations on a good groomer, we would not hesitate to recommend Mas Mas Groomers! It has been 5 years since Chocolate's first grooming with them, even Amber has already been their customer for more than 1 year already! The thing is Mas Mas today seemed kind of different, the feeling we get when entering the shop is different, the welcome service, the appointment arran

Depression in Dogs

Dogs with depression are increasing everywhere we go, whenever we visit places like the beach, dog events or NEX playground we would always see dogs that are some what stressed / depressed. When we talk about depression in humans, right away we could more or less understand the behavior and symptoms of someone with this problem, this is because depression was introduced worldwide using all forms of education like advertisement, television, movies etc., if this were to happen to someone decades ago, no science would understand what was happening to the person, even doctors would not be able to diagnose the problem.

101 Dog Myths 03 - Trust internet users with high post count

Dog Myths 03 - Trust internet users with high post count We are always at pets forums and other related websites, reading and helping other people as we go along. Through our experience we found that the frequent users (forum user that has a lot of post accumulated past the years) have major impact on people with questions. This is because most people think that "hey this user has 10,000 post, he/she must have lots of experience in what they do".