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A Red Toy Poodle Story

It's been over 2 years since we first started this blog, with all the questions from people whom we have met both online and in real life, i'm sure that many are curious the progress of Amber Toy Poodle, how we started, the problems we faced and also our future plans. Amber Amber will be 4 years old this year, she had brought us so much joy and happiness that we would sometimes forget that time is passing very quickly, the once baby Amber is now a full grown adult. It's hard to imagine a house without a pet, when we go overseas and have to put Amber with her caretaker the day before departure, we would return home and find the place soulless, even at times preparing Amber's food, forgetting that she isn't with us. We love her like our family and some people do not understand our intention, they do not understand that love doesn't equals to hugging and kissing a dog, but it doesn't matter as long as we know what we are doing, and thankfully Amber is one

How Dog Sales Work

This article will share about how most dog sales work, with this we hope to enlighten more owners to understand where their purchased dogs come from, not through guessing or reading, but through our personal experiences and information gathered over the years. Hopefully after reading, you will be able to decide for yourself and make wiser decisions if you do wish to get a dog in future, if you already have a dog and found out that it was from an unethical breeder, then you can help to play a part by sharing this information around, to put unethical breeders and dog sellers out of businesses. Other than that, knowing your dog is not bred properly can help you to invest in quality food and keep a look out for his/her health in the long run. Note: this article reflects solely on our experience and knowledge, we do not assume that all businesses are using these methods, there may be newer sales method (ethical or not) that are not discovered by us, hence all readers should read this arti

Testimonial - Suzanne

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​Bali Safari Trip 2014 - Part 1

We are back from our short trip to Bali! As we were too busy to go for longer vacation this year, we booked a 2 nights stay at Bali Safari & Marine Park instead. Bali Safari is considered a zoo, but instead of locking up the animals in cages, they are allowed to roam freely in a natural but controlled environment, we like to call this a man-made Safari. Honestly, after reading mixed reviews about the place, we did not have very high expectations of the place, especially towards animal treatment and comfort of the hotel. This post shares our opinion as well as review of the whole trip to Bali Safari, we feel that this is related to animals and training hence it might be something fresh to add to the blog, hopefully we'll be able to review more places (animals related) from different parts of the world as time goes.