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Testimonial - Ying Ting (text version)

"Bacon was a puppy who likes to bite anything he sees including human hands/legs. He always pawed on us, and often run like crazy around the house. Ever since Nicole & Jeryl came over to train Bacon, I could see that Bacon has really changed. He became a more calm dog, hardly running around the house, he doesn't bite that often anymore. He also stopped pawing on us unless we allowed him to. I'm proud of him!" Thank you Nicole & Jeryl :) YingTing View original version

Housebreaking Tips

Introduction There are many ways to housebreak your dog, every owners have different opinion on what housebreaking means and how to define a housebroken dog. To us, a housebroken dog should be able to pee and poop on the spot chosen, the dog should also be able to pee and poop on command. If you have plans to housebreak your dog, be prepared to work with your family to train your dog for about 3 weeks before you see any result, and at least 3-6 months to housebreak your dog completely. Why teamwork is important Getting a dog should always be a family commitment, there should not be anyone in your family that doesn't like dogs. Because dogs are pack animals, they treat every single one in the family as a pack, anyone who hates the dog, or distance from the dog is considered breaking away from the pack, the dog might then feel stressed and start to show fear or aggression towards that person. There shouldn't be any miscommunication within the family either, always discuss meth

How to take care of your dog before and after Spay/Neuter

Many owners, especially first timers have no idea how to take care of their dogs after spay/neuter operation, owners that do not know what to expect could easily be traumatize by the experience along with their dog. This is why we have decided to come up with a tutorial on how to take proper care of your dog during the healing process. Before deciding on spaying/neutering your dog, it is good to first read up the pros and cons of doing it, don't spay/neuter your dog just because other people do it, check it up, study about it and take some time to decide. Amber at 6 months old

Amber's trip to Discover Dogs 2013

18 August 2013 Amber at Discover Dogs 2012 Amber at this year's Discover Dogs 2013!  It's been a year since Amber's first visit to Discover Dogs 2012 , she was around 8 months + and it was her very first dog event! We could still remember how curious, excited and happy Amber was at that time, sure there might have been some complications and also certain things we may not like about the event, but ultimately we still had a memorable and fun time hanging around and looking at other dogs which is why we had decided to attend this year's event again!