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Sick puppy

An owner brought her 6 months old puppy to us, he(the puppy) looked restless, had little hair, extremely fearful and malnourished, upon discussing about his meals, the owner took out a bag full of pills and powders and I asked what those were, "to keep my furkid healthy" , she said. I then asked why and what was wrong with her furkid, "the pet store asked me to buy these supplements from them, they said it was needed for my furkid to be healthy " was the reply. Needless to say, I started to explain everything I knew about the poor dog, from his behavior to his health, he looked like a 12 year old dog in a 6 months old body, I mentioned that this was cause by the breeder/pet store, whereby they breed excessively and left puppies in small cages 24/7, I also learned that the fearful behavior was already present on the first day the owner brought him home, he couldn't even walk outdoors and would just lie flat on the floor. To be honest, training this boy wasn&

Raw hides

Not sure how reliable this information is, but in our opinion Raw Hides are very dangerous for dogs due to the tough texture, which can chip off the teeth of small dogs and those that do not have strong teeth.  Raw hides when chewed can also form "unnatural shapes" that can injure and cut your dog during chewing, the small pieces when broken down can also be life threatening when swallowed, which requires immediate operation.

June 2015

June is almost over, I'm glad that peak period has ended and everything went smoothly. We were really concerned as this year's June had more first time guests than usual, we are always wary about taking in new dogs, most people might think that this is purely good news, which is true at some point but we do have our concerns.

Dog behavior test for everyone

In this article we will be sharing on dog playing behaviors through the video below, for those who have followed our Facebook page, you might have already seen the video. This was meant to be a small test for owners to figure out what the dogs are trying to portray through their body language. Many owners are not able to differentiate between play, rough play and aggression, some who's dog are actually being aggressive can be misinterpreted as playing and vice versa, this risk the other party getting bitten if the owners are not well prepared. If you have not seen the video and wishes to have a try at the test, feel free to note down your views on a piece of paper/device, then come back to this article to see if your answers were correct, this is meant to be educational and fun so do not worry if it isn't correct.


It's pretty funny that few people/businesses would drop us a message whenever they read something that says nice things about them, but whenever there are negative feedback or opinions, they come bashing you right away even if no names are mentioned. These people always seems to be following closely, hoping that we would not spread anything related to them, once they feel guilty of a descriptive event they start commenting, emailing and some even resort to threats. Well I would like to emphasize that this is just a small blog, it is not straits times or any major platform, what is written here are all our PERSONAL views and opinions, there is nothing right or wrong about them. If you wish to read them, it is your own decision whether or not to keep the information for your own benefit, if it doesn't, just stop reading. If you suspect that you had been reading something about yourself and feel guilty about it, then it's probably time to change, there is no need to disguise

Training a depressed dog

Last Saturday was the final lesson for 2 owners that we had trained. I am happy to see that both of them were able to succeed in training their dogs to behave and change for the better, because by doing so the dogs will become stable, relaxed and happy, I enjoy seeing happy dogs.

Night walk

While walking the dogs yesterday night, I noticed a guy with 3 golden lab walking in the park, I have seen him many times and his dogs were very badly trained - growling at any dogs they see and attempting to lunge, he could not even keep up with them, to me he looked like a cart being pulled by 3 strong horses. The thing i noticed with him is that he would always run away whenever he sees any dogs walking in his direction, even heard him saying things like "why so many dogs today" to his dogs, he was really talking as if they understood what he is trying to say. Although I understand his good intention to stop his dogs from getting aggressive by running towards the other direction whenever he meets other dogs, this in terms of dog training would only cause their behaviors to become worst, whenever you run away you are just telling your dog that it is just as scary for you, and they will take this as a hint and get even more worked up the next time round!

A little update to the blog

Hi everyone, we would like to drop a note to inform readers that the blog will undergo minor change. As we had been receiving feedback from readers that they had been logging onto our page constantly but do not see much posts and updates, I would like to take this chance to add another topic to the blog. This little topic is not meant to educate owners, it might not even be related to Amber, this "Daily post" is to update our views and daily experience with different dogs and owners out there, similarly to how we had been posting at the start of the blog, to voice out anything we have in mind. We hope that with this we can come up with more posts even though they may be short and not always informative, do note that this "Daily post" will be very straightforward and more like a diary than educational, I do not appreciate people who hide their views, therefore I am someone who is always straight to the point, it can be linked to simple things like an experience durin

What is Dog Obedience - The ATP theory

When talking about dog obedience, we are sure that everyone will have different opinions - views on dog training and what obedience mean. In this article, we will be sharing about our personal views on what dog obedience is and how it benefits owners as well as their dog. Do note that this article reflects on our personal opinion and experiences throughout the years, our theories differs from most trainers by a far margin and some might not be able to accept our views, therefore if you are sensitive to harsh opinions, we will advice you to stop reading this blog. Introduction If you have seen or attended Obedience classes at general dog training schools, you might have the concept that dog obedience is about commands - Sit, Stay, Down etc. In our opinion, to achieve obedience in a dog, commands alone are not enough, the most important part of dog training is actually earning the dog's respect, simply being able to follow commands is not obedience. That being said, commands ar