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Testimonial - Jacqueline (text version)

Coco was 5 months when I realized that she really need to attend obedient training. That was when I started looking for information and happen to came across Amber the red toy poodle. She was an impatient, active and misbehavior kid. I felt that I need to let her go through the training as soon as possible so that we can correct her mistakes. Jeryl and Nicole were very patient throughout the 3 lessons. After the first lesson, I saw big improvement in Coco.  I learnt a lot from them especially my mistakes as in not strict enough with her which causes her trying to be my leader. I got to know even better how she behavior and understands her every single movement. I can handle the leash better when we go for a walk. Now, she will wait for her food until I say "go" unlike in the past. Jeryl and Nicole will also do a follow up with us after all the lessons ended. Glad that we have made the right choice. I enjoyed the lessons with Jeryl and Nicole. Thanks for the advices an

Testimonial - Jacqueline

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Please, pick up after your dog!

While walking at the park, we always notice poo leftover by other dogs, though we are affected with whether or not people will think we are the culprit, we are also concerned about owners like this appearing as dog owners are increasing in Singapore. This not only causes unwanted hate towards dogs but also make the environment unpleasant to be in. One of the case, we caught an owner walking his poodle at the park, the poodle clearly pooped in front of him, he looked around and walked away without picking up after his dog. We followed him and approached to tell him nicely, he was surprised and seemed ashamed of himself, told us that he did not noticed it and rushed back to the same spot even though we did not say where. We kindly explained to him that there are a lot of dog complains in our area even though it's new, would be great if everyone can be responsible, he seemed to understand. Please, pick up after your dog!

Lowest rated dog food

Hi all, other than feeding your dog the best food, though there is no such thing as "best", are you unknowingly feeding your dog the "worst" dog food? Below is a list of Lowest Rated dog food in the market: Alpo Dog Food (Dry) Atta Boy! Dog Food (Dry) Beneful Dog Food (Dry) Beneful Dog Food (Summary) Big Red Dog Food (Dry) Bruiser Dog Food (Dry) Buckeye Dog Food (Dry) Caliber Dog Food (Dry) Chef Michael’s Dog Food (Dry) Country Acres Dog Food (Dry) Country Squire Dog Food (Dry) Country Vet Choice Dog Food (Dry) Dad’s Dog Food (Dry) Doggy Bag Dog Food (Dry) Everpet Dog Food (Dry) Eukanuba Dog Food (Dry) Extreme Dog Fuel (Dry) Gayoso Farms Dog Food (Dry) Good Sense Dog Food (Dry) Gravy Train Dog Food (Dry) Hi-Point Dog Food (Dry) Hill’s Prescription Diet W/D Canine (Dry) Hill’s Science Diet Adult Light (Canned) Hill’s Science Diet Mature Adult (Canned) Hubbard Life Country Balance (Dry) Hubbard Life Dog Food (Dry) Hungry Hound Dog Food (Dry) Hunter’s Spe

Testimonial - William, Livia & Jovan (text version)

Begin first time owner of a dog, we do not know how to train our dog, Cookie. While doing research on the internet, I came across Amber a red toy poodle story blog. Reading every single post from the website, I told my wife about it and we decide to engage Jeryl and Nicole for the basic training. As Cookie is still only 2 months old when she joined our family, she can’t start her training till her third jab. During those weeks of wait, we had a hard time with Cookie around and we are like “panda” and didn’t have enough sleep due to Cookie misbehaving and waking us up in the early morning. We feel the difference after first training, Cookie is better behaved and we had our “beauty” sleep now. Cookie is more responsive to the command taught by Jeryl and Nicole. In addition, before and during the training period when we encounter problems, Nicole is very patient to answer questions regarding Cookie. With the completion of the three training, we will like to take this chance to

Testimonial - William, Livia & Jovan

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Tips to prevent your dog from running away

Recently there had been more and more cases of dogs getting lost, in this post we will share with you the reasons based on our personal experience and knowledge, hopefully this can let more dog owners understand why dogs run away and take future precaution to keep their furkids safe from incidents like this. For owners The number one reason for dogs to run away is because of their owners, there are no excuses for this no matter how agile or intelligent the dog is, your dog is your responsibility to keep it safe from any danger so there is no one to blame other than the humans in charge. Even if you have tried 1000 times and your dog is still safe and returning to you might not mean anything, just one careless mistake and it might just be gone forever, a lot of owners regret after ignoring our advice and we do not want any of this to happen to anyone. Other than risking accidents when dogs escape, there are also 'dog thieves' that would loiter at places with dog owners, they

Tips on practicing proper dog manners outdoors

After sharing about the things you can do with your dog recently, we want to share some tips on practicing good manners when bringing your dog outdoors, this is prevent misunderstandings and also to minimize accidents that can happen to both you and other people's dogs. We want to keep the country as dog friendly as possible, there are more and more irresponsible owners appearing and this is not healthy for dog lovers like us, we hope everyone can work together to create harmony between dogs and people. Do note that the tips suggested are based on our knowledge, most of them do not reflect on the laws in Singapore, personally we do not feel that everything has to be forced to make peace, people need to learn and judge things based on their conscience than relying on fines to know what is right and wrong. Dos Keep untrained dogs on leash at all times This is very important, to always keep your untrained dog on a leash, dogs that rush to any people or dogs they see are very d