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Pet Food Review - Addiction Raw Dehydrated (Perfect Summer Brushtail)

We are very happy to have a chance to review Addiction's Raw Dehydrated food. I had first asked Addiction if they could let me write a full and personal review of the food because this was the main point of my blog, i love to go for the truth and honest opinion in everything i write here. I aim to write reviews that is not only from the bottom of my heart, but also easy to read for readers out there. Addiction was confident about their products and was happy with me reviewing their food after my requests.

Amber's Problem

Amber recently had some trouble finishing all of her meals, we used to feed her TOTW(Taste of The Wild) kibble and she had no problem since young until recently she seem to have loss of interest. I also found out that Amber is starting to drop her teeth, so i thought teeth dropping might contribute to her loss of appetite. The thing is she had no problem with treats, she might take longer than usual to finish them but she still eats all of them. My plan was to try adding some Addiction's Raw Dehydrated on top of TOTW and see if she accept it.

Bo Gay Char Tao Gay(know what it means?)

Addiction Raw Dehydrated (Perfect Summer Brushtail)

The Packaging

This is by far the best packaging i have ever received, the box was nicely packed with complimentary items inside. When i opened the box the first thing i was searching for was the food itself, it looked pretty small at first but once i read the instructions and serving amount, i found that this is what i call "large quantity squeezed into a small packaging". This means that unlike normal dry/wet food, i can use less amount of Raw Dehydrated food and still produce as much as normal portion of wet/dry food. I then took out the brochures and also saw a free sample of Pet Magazine.

The Design

The box was designed nicely, i took out the bag of food out of the box and used a scissors to cut a small hole. After pouring the food i then suddenly found out something, i couldn't seal up the food! I had no choice but to tie the bag up for freshness sake. I would actually appreciate if the food packaging had air tight zip-lock though.

The Food

This is a new kind of pet food that is available in the market today, Raw Dehydrated food is categorized between wet food and dry food. Meats, fruits and vegetables are dehydrated to retain the nutrients of the food. Moisture are removed from the food to prevent spoiling and growth of microorganisms. As the food are dried at low temperatures, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, antioxidants and probiotics are better retained than in canned food and dry kibble. I got most of this information from Addiction's official website.

Pretty packaging

When i first saw Addiction's Raw Dehydrated - Perfect Summer Brushtail, first thing in my mind was what is a brushtail? Why use a brushtail? Why not chicken, beef or fish like any other dry food? I thought brushtail was a bird until i researched and found out that it is actually a marsupial, a possum. Brushtail actually contain higher levels of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids than other red meat. Brushtail is not native to New Zealand and they eat only the best berries and foliage. Unlike farmed animals, Wild Brushtail is free from antibiotics and artificial hormones. Every animal has each of their distinctive taste when eaten, Addiction probably has thought of this and then made this for pets who are sick of the regular chicken, beef and fish formula. When i opened up the food, the first impression i got was chicken floss, chicken floss is a kind of delicacy that is very popular in Singapore especially the Chinese. This smells really great, even the look is very much like chicken floss. Since the ingredients consist over 45% of Brushtail, covering every single ingredient will probably get you bored, i'll just list the very main ingredients of Addiction's Raw Dehydrated - Perfect Summer Brushtail are: New Zealand brushtail, sunflower seeds, papayas, spinach and potatoes. These ingredients are very high in nutrition and there is no "junk food" like grain, artificial coloring, corn and wheat in Addiction's Raw Dehydrated - Perfect Summer Brushtail. Grain, corn and wheat is there just to make your dog feel full, some dogs get allergies and digestive problem after long term of eating these junk food.


I prepared half a portion of usual TOWT kibble and then pour 1 tablespoon of Addiction's Raw Dehydrated on top of the kibble, after that i poured some warm water on top of everything and stir for a bit, until the food feels slightly soft especially the meat chunks. To make sure i used a plastic spoon and try to chop the meat junks to see if they break easily, if it break it means that Amber can easily chew it without any problem. Amber start to finish up the chunks of meat first, and then the TOTW kibble. I did expect Amber to finish up this meal as i already knew she was sick of the usual meals, but what i didn't foresee was her throwing some of the kibble on the ground and then continue to finish up the meat chunks. On day 2, Amber gobbled up everything, i start adding more Addiction's Raw Dehydrated each day so that she can get used to digesting the new food slowly.

After Amber went for spaying i knew that her appetite would be affected further but i continued feeding her the same formula. She seemed to be hungry the first night but was unable to eat on her own, so i hand fed her and she did finish them eventually, leaving only a couple of TOTW kibble behind. This also proved that Amber still loves her new food and is trying to eat. I also noticed that Amber's poop had became much healthier, it doesn't break up as much as before and is more soft and firm. The only problem is that i feel is that the smell has gotten heavier, it may be due to eating red meat. Now, Amber is always licking her mouth when she see me preparing the food hinting me that she is hungry, i do not know how long this craving could last but i do know that changing flavors especially to a more exotic taste would make pets much happier when taking their daily meals.

Amber enjoying her meals

Feeding Amber while she was weak


Addiction's Raw Dehydrated (Perfect Summer Brushtail) is highly recommended, i have to admit that i had some doubts at first but after trying out the food i noticed a huge difference in Amber's daily meal intake as well as some changes in her health(better poop). There is also no sign of bad breaths or any side effects. The food is easy to prepare and smells great even for us. We have read other reviews of this food, some people said that after changing to Addiction's Raw Dehydrated, their pets now have better skin and less allergies. However we did not notice any changes on Amber's skin, we may need to give Amber more time to completely change her food and see if it helps, she do have some dry skin issue currently. Other than  Addiction's Raw Dehydrated (Perfect Summer Brushtail) there is also Outback Kangaroo Feast, Fig'licious Venison Feast, New Zealand Forest Delicacies and many other uniquely made food. The only problem with Addiction's Raw Dehydrated is that there is no air tight zip-lock for freshness purpose, it is also not cheap for a 2 lb - $45.90 at PLC, however i am sure there is many other shops around that i could find selling at 10% - 15% cheaper than this rate, still it is considered a premium quality food to me. Other than that, we could find no weakness on this food, if your pet is sick of the regular meals, do try Addiction's Raw Dehydrated for once and tell us how you feel by placing your comments below or just email us at

Updated 01 October 2012

Quality  - the quality of ingredients listed, food that has no grain, corn and wheat will have higher score
Taste     - the smell, before and after reaction of Amber when taking her meals
Price      - affordability, comparing to other similar quality food, also taken account to how fast the food will be finished
Design  - feel of the design, packaging, ease of opening and closing of the product, storing of product

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  1. Beautiful poodle! Amber sure seems to love the addiction brand. We sell Steve's Real Food in the USA with direct shipping. Amber would probably like frozen raw dog food as well.

  2. Hi, we don't usually change or add in more food into Amber's daily meals. However because Addiction sent us a sample of the Raw Dehydrated Food, we decided to give it a try and it actually helped Amber in her appetite.

    We may actually give her food some tweaking after she finish her current kibble which is Taste of the Wild - wild pacific stream, will give Steve's Real Food a thought!

    Thank you for the compliment and thanks for introducing Steve's Real Food to us.

  3. Your blog provided us with valuable information to work with. Each & every tips of your post are awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing. Keep blogging.. pet food reviews


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