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Amber is 6 months old, SPAY time!

Amber has just reached her 6th month, and it's time for us to spay her. Why spay, you ask? What are the benefits of spaying?

1. Your female pet will live a longer, healthier life.
   (spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast cancer, for males it prevents testicular cancer)

2. Your spayed female won't go into heat.
3. Most pets will be better behaved(territorial markings for males will be reduced too).

4. Prevent unwanted puppies.

5. Reduce stress/frustration(dogs tend to go into breeding mode when not sterilized/spay).

I wanted to highlight that when making decisions on whether to spay Amber, we had thought of seeing Amber with puppies and able to experience how dogs grow from new-born to adults. Although it is a very good experience for the owners, we then knew that what we were doing was just for eye candy. What happens when the puppies grow older? Do we sell it? If so are we experienced enough to handle it, can we find a suitable male? Answer is no, we do not need the extra cash, we also knew that if Amber gave birth she will be weaker and less healthy. Also, when puppies are born there are chances that some would not make it alive, we knew that we could not take the stress if it were to happen. Our final choice is NO, we would only want Amber and if we really want another dog we will just get another one. Of course from responsible home breeders and not those unethical pet farm breeders. Breeding is for population purpose, doing that will decrease the chance of the particular breed to extinct. We know that toy poodles are not risking any extinction any sooner and that there is already more than enough in Singapore.

It's extremely important to spay a female dog before her first heat , it will reduce her chance of getting cancer by 95%!!

Also note that spaying will not make your dog fat, it is the food you feed that make them fat.

Amber will be going to a vet called Light of life vet to do her spaying this coming Thursday (7 Jun). Hope everything will go smoothly :)


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