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Mental abuse

Dogs with mental problems are on the rise, with every 10 dogs we trained, 1 would have behavioral issues linked to their mental health, and we humans are playing a big part in this.

It all starts from bad breeding practice that causes dogs to have higher chance of developing depression, these badly bred puppies have lower tolerance to stress, which indirectly link to behavior problems like separation anxiety and aggression. In the past, dog breeds are labeled not only to categorize their appearance, but also their behavior and background, understanding a breed can help owners have a better idea of how their dogs behave, to serve as a guideline and match individual family's lifestyle. However because of unethical breeding practices, most dogs that you see now usually do not behave like what their breed is supposed to, their traits disappears when people do not practice selective breeding, resulting in the loss of good genes and accumulating 'bad' genes into the line, and it just goes downhill from there. Whenever I train a dog, I no longer train it based on the breed and predicted personality because it simply don't exist anymore, especially in Singapore. I've ever entered a pet shop who claimed to have a champion dog of their own, sure that Maltese looks really beautiful from the outside - silky long white coat with very beautiful features, but gets extremely aggressive and barking non stop whenever there are people walking past, is this how the show dog industry is moving towards, all look and no brains?

The next problem would be treatment, dog owners now are treating their dogs like human, even though the spending on dogs increases throughout the years, I see more sick dogs than healthy ones, which should've been the other way round. Why? It's mainly because of how owners treat their dog! They think of their dogs like babies, carrying them everyday and speaking words that they do not even understand, these dogs start shutting down and showing signs of stress - fear, aggression, oh the forever famous "talk to your dog nicely", "spank them lightly!", or even worst, claiming that these behaviors are dog's natural instinct. Many do not understand and continue to do the same thing for years and years, dogs start getting sick and developing more illness than they should, when this happens even $5000 a month spending on their pets will be doing nothing more than just self fulfillment.

We can only save 1 dog at a time, but the Internet and television is making things so much worst, every time you see Cesar saving 1 dog on TV, 50 other dogs are suffering due to owners imitating blindly, then sending their dogs to shelter or putting them down because they injured someone. Something that is becoming famous in Singapore, psychics/animal communicator/AC, these are people that hope to earn big money by lying to owners, convincing that they can talk to dogs, then whatever owners had learned about dog behaviors are thrown into the bin because science and fiction simply don't match, and most prefer to choose fiction because they only wishes to hear what they like. We have spent a reasonable amount of money on this and all of them failed miserably, if you wish to know our experiment behind it feel free to talk to us in person.

Many do not see these treatment as a problem because their dogs are still tolerating them, and dogs are very resilient animals, they are highly adaptable, but if they can get so frustrated and go crazy then it simply means that we humans are hurting them too often, you see news of people hitting their dogs and getting angry with them because this is abusive, but I'll just have to be frank that most owners are also abusing their dogs mentally.


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