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Visit to Pet Stop

We had the chance to bring Amber for a swim, as Pet Stop had a pool and was near to our place, we decided to bring Amber there to try out the facilities.

The charges for Amber were reasonable at $15 for a 1 hour swim (depending on the stamina of the dog), if we wish to let them shampoo and blow dry her it would be $25. We did not sign up for the bathing service after reading about feedback online, just wanted to try out the swimming session first before deciding next time. I called the shop to book for a slot, a lady picked up the phone and took down our request, after hearing about wanting to sign up for just swimming (without bathing), she asked, "so you want to bring your wet dog home?", it was a little awkward but I answered "yes".

The place was along the main road (Upper Serangoon road) and fairly easy to spot, upon entering it looked like a normal pet store with grooming facility, however on the right was a ramp to the dog pool! The ramp was kind of steep and slightly wet (for us owners), going up was not a problem but getting down isn't as easy, there was already another owner at the edge of the pool so it was a bit cramp if we both wished to watch Amber swim.

At that time we saw 2 pugs swimming, a staff approached before the session and asked if our dog was Amber, right away she took her into the pool with the 2 pugs, this was also the time we learned that regular swimming session does not guarantee a private swim, it would be charged at a different rate. I do not mind to let Amber swim with other dogs provided that they are not aggressive, however this could also increase the chance of her getting ticks or even diseases from sick dogs, do understand that such is the risk with public places so there is nothing much to complain about. After 10 minutes the pugs left and Amber had the pool all to herself!

The staff grabbed Amber by the handle of the life vest and guided her for a bit, Amber took about 5 minutes to get used to the water and she swam pretty well, we had not brought her to swimming for about a year and it didn't seem to be a problem for her! However Amber's only problem was always splashing the water after resting, yes Pet Stop allow the dogs to rest every 5 minute or so, just that there isn't any plank for the dogs to rest at, they'd have to cling onto the stairs in the pool. The water seemed okay, not too dirty nor clean, the pool is not as quality made as Canine Wellness but it isn't a problem for the dogs, they wouldn't care. As we brought our own Ezydog Vest for Amber the staff mentioned that it was very pretty, but might not be suitable for Amber as the shape is not very fitting, I thought that it was because the vest was new and not seasoned yet, we will have to try a couple more times to see if it fits her well enough. Amber got bored of it after 30 minutes and wanted to get out of the pool, the staff continued to guide her and we appreciated that, everything was handled pretty smoothly.

Wiggle wiggle
Where am i?

Before ending Amber's swimming session I went to make payment first, also taking this chance to look at the shop's surrounding, the items were easy to browse through as they were placed nicely, but I wasn't too sure about the grooming area though, the dogs seemed to be done grooming much faster than regular grooming centres and I am concerned whether or not they are properly styled and dried, nevertheless the stylist looked friendly.

Overall Amber enjoyed her swim, the staff handling her was patient and good enough, we will be visiting Pet Stop again for more sessions!


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