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Things to do with your dog

This post is created to list down the things that you can enjoy with your dog, a lot of people think that playing toys and letting their dogs run is the only activity to do with them. Dogs are highly intelligent and social animals, other than appreciating daily routine and exercises, they also enjoy surprises every now and then, we'd always advice owners to mix some new stuff and try different things to let their dogs feel fresh and enjoy more quality activities!

We will update this post every now and then thus the date of the post schedule will be refreshed to the top every time its updated, this way readers can know changes have been made :)

Before you read on, please click here to learn some tips on practicing proper dog manners outdoors.

Places to go with your dog

There are a lot of places that do not allow dogs in Singapore, however that does not mean that there are none at all! One thing to note is that you need to learn how to practice safety when bringing your dog to public places, always keep a look out on unfriendly dogs, those that are aggressive and possessive might not enjoy your dog wandering into their personal space, vice versa if you have a dog with behavior issues, best to keep it on leash for the time being, we do want you to enjoy the day but please also keep a lookout for your dog's safety and others as well!

1) Dog Cafes
The name says it all, dog cafes are created to let owners and their dogs enjoy food in the same area. Weekends are the best time to bring your dog over because there will be more people than usual, meaning your dog will get to enjoy meeting more dogs during this period of time, of course if you prefer personal time and quiet space most dog cafes are opened during weekdays too. Usually there will be 2 sets of menu, one for you and one specially created to let your dog enjoy, but be very careful about what you give your dog, always make sure you ask about the ingredients before proceeding to order.

2) Nearby your place
Whether you stay in a public or private estate, there will surely be a place that you can walk your dog nearby. Dogs love exercises and a walk will help relief the stress accumulated through being confined in a house, no matter a crate or the whole house, dogs need to be walked at least once a day to be happy and healthy.


3) Dog playground
Dog playgrounds are very limited in Singapore, the only one we have heard of is the one located at NEX shopping centre (we believe there are more than 1). Though we call it dog playground, it is actually an area made up of agility obstacles, these obstacles range from beginners to advance, they will normally be separated into 2 sections. Usually the beginner section would turn into a playground where dogs run around and play with each other!

3) Dog swimming pool
There are a number if dog pools in Singapore and they are increasing over the years, most dogs are naturally good swimmers but because they have not contacted with this activity from young, some of them are losing this ability. Swimming is a very healthy activity that can not only help to strengthen a dog's joint, it can also help to release stress just like walking/running.

4) Grooming/spa centre
Bringing your dog to the grooming centre might not be a fun activity for your dog but it is a need to ensure your dog is in good skin and coat condition, grooming also helps to make your dog look beautiful! If your favorite grooming centre has spa facility then you can pamper your dog once in a while too!

5) Dog park
Dog parks are made to let dogs roam about in the open space provided. Bishan dog park is a good place to bring your dog to, there are two sections, one for small dogs and one for large dogs. This is one of the very few places that allow dogs to be off leashed legally, but because of this a lot of people are finding loopholes in the law and would put their aggressive dogs off leash without muzzle, be very careful and avoid leaving your dog unattended.

6) Dog events
Dog events have been going on all these years and more events are organized yearly as dog owners are increasing, dog events are usually held together with dogs/pets competitions, duration varies from 1 - 2 days. Dog event is one of the best time to see hundreds of dogs together in one location, this is also the time where you can find different sizes and breeds of dog. Even with a busy schedule, we do try to go to at least 2 major dog events every year, we love looking and studying different dogs and owners, even if you are not into this, watching dog competitions and shopping for dog's accessories can be enjoyable too!

7) Bedok reservoir
We love bringing Amber to Bedok reservoir, it is breezy and great for walks, we'd definitely spend some time on the wooden bridge platform as Amber loves to run along the path! There's a couple of food hawkers, pet stores (mostly birds) and also a vet nearby, if you are interested to get away from the busy city and experience the 90s then this is also the place to go to.

8) Chinese garden, Botanic garden
Though we have never brought Amber to major gardens in Singapore, this seems to be one of the popular spots for dog owners to hang out. Other than letting your dog enjoy the natural environment, it also proves to be one of the best spot to take beautiful photos of your dog! We heard that some areas are actually out of bounds for dogs so do take note.


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