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Being involved

During my service days many years ago, I was offered a side job to catch stray dogs and bring them outside, further into the forest they said. I was offered $300 per dog (at that point of time this money was useful for someone in the service), however I rejected the offer knowing what was going on, I was well aware where these dogs would be taken to, and no it's not to the forest.

I truly understand the concerns and how much threat people feel towards stray dogs venturing into restricted zones, I also knew that many other people would've taken up the job even if I don't, there was no other ways to solve this problem but I still couldn't convince myself to be the one doing such a cruel job. To try our luck to save these dogs. we stopped attending to them, the closes dog to our base was a mother and puppy, we stopped feeding them and even tried to scare them away from the area, hoping to be able to get them out of the zone, it didn't help. Just a couple of days later some unknown faces came and started to give these dogs affections and food, within 2 weeks both the mother and puppy were gone, I knew that they were put down. Soon enough all the dogs in the base were gone, once in a while new strays would come in and then the same thing repeat, these dogs are usually not aggressive as they do not come in packs, they were individual dogs that seemed like they were too hungry and weak, I had no idea how they entered the area but they seemed to be able to find a loophole into the restricted zone.

Like most people, I was angry at that point of time but as time goes with experience and age, I came to understand that in life everything is about power, humans like dogs are dominant in nature, we claim everything we step onto and chase anyone we don't like out of our territory, this is the same as how dogs behave. If you have a pack of dogs claiming a certain space, they will also do the same and attack you if you continue to step into their territory, everything is about power in the wild, I would consider this as nature.

I constantly hear people talking about how stray dogs are removed when an estate is established, like the newly developed Punggol, stray dogs used to roam in this area and are now chased out or put down because they seemed to threaten people living there, they feel that it's sad because it was supposed to be the home for those dogs, and now because of our selfishness, we kick them out. To be fair on both sides, I personally think that this is not avoidable, after all the place had been claimed by the authority and is built for humans to reside in, thus any threats to humanity needs to be removed in one way or another. I have encountered aggressive stray dogs face to face and I will tell you that this isn't an enjoyable situation where you just leave and the dogs will leave you alone, they will chase you if they are in a large group and they will not hesitate to kill, for someone who knows about dog body language I am not afraid to tell you that I myself too fear for my own safety, imagine this happening to someone who doesn't even know about dogs, what about their family, their children, their pets? I love dogs, I trust them much more than humans to be frank, but to be bias towards dogs and endangering our own race is not the way to go, what we can appreciate is dog shelters taking the trouble to help these stray dogs find a home, now that is a good thing but not all dogs can be saved and we need to understand that.


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