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How to stop your dog from barking

People ask why Amber is not as barky as most dogs, they even question that poodles are known to be very fond of barking. Some people that do not like dogs would become interested in getting close to Amber without knowing why. Truth is, there are a large portion of dog-haters that do not like dogs because they simply bark too much, like all dogs Amber was VERY barky when she first came to our home. It is not easy to train a dog not to bark excessively but it will pay off greatly, a dog that barks at everything would scare off people and would also influence other dogs into barking with it.

Whenever a dog barks, you need to use a word that you would use when you do not want your dog to do something, for us we use words like "No". Never use long sentences like "do not bark", dogs do not understand long dull sentences.

Things you will need are:

• Patience
• Treats
• Loud tone
• A push

Patience plays a big part in dog training, without patience one can get frustrated, anger, violent, hate and then give up. Never give treats whenever your dog barks, try asking it to "Sit" instead, during a sit most dogs will stop barking because their mind can only think of one thing at a time, meaning if it is listening to you saying sit and the brain is translating the "Sit" into an action, the dog will not have time to think of anything else.

Once your dog sits, do give it a treat and praise, if after the treat your dog begins to bark again, a loud tone "No" or similar should be said, your dog may not understand this word if you use it seldomly but sooner or later when it notices your unhappy tone and facial expression it will understand. I have seen dogs who bark at owner when it wants to eat, or wants a treat, or wants to be carried, this does not help your dog to stop barking, it only enforces them to bark whenever it demands something. If there is a time your dog is barking nonstop and even a loud "No" is not helping, a push or loud sound would surprise the dog and it will then put more attention to what you are saying. If your dog snaps at you when pushed, it means that you have a long way to go, you will then need to go back to basic training like "Walks" and more exercise and discipline for your dog before coming to this section. It is really simple to teach a dog but it is never easy, always repeat the same thing over and over and your dog will understand it sooner or later.

Never try a method for just a week and then define it as the method is not working, i would say give it 2 weeks at least, look if there is any changes in the behavior, i would guarantee that the barking will not go off completely but a 10% less bark also means that the method is already working. Also, do not minus off or add additional steps to the instructions given, any minor changes could also give the wrong signal to your dog. This post is not for people who are training their dogs to be guard dogs, we do not need Amber to signal us whenever there is a stranger or anything suspicious, if you are training a guard dog this is not the way to train them.

Below is the video compilation of Amber's barky days, this is when she was 3 months old, she learned to stop barking at 4.5 months.


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