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Nex Playground


We brought Amber to the saloon, while waiting i tied Amber's hair and try to make her look as different as possible. It turned out funny and cute in the end, we decided to bring her to Nex Playground in this hairstyle!

i know i have weird taste, but Amber do look cute here right?!

We reached Nex Shopping Mall and went to lvl 4 Roof - Doggiestyle Cafe for a break, there were not much dogs today. We had our lunch, sat a bit and went to the playground. We saw a golden retriever though, he was quite aged and very calm and gentle. I do not worry too much about bigger dogs because they were usually trained quite well, it is the smaller dogs that tend to be spoilt! He totally ignored us at first, until after a few minutes then he came to smell us, usually when we see new dogs we will not stare at them or touch them no matter how cute they are, it is to let them know that we are safe and won't harm them, they will eventually come to you and play with you in the end. This method is also very good if you happen to meet aggressive dogs that you don't know about. We also saw a shih tzu that looked really nice, a little girl approached me and asked if Amber was a female or male, in a strong and bold tone, i answered female and she said hers was female too. I can see she walked her dog very well, short leash, firm tone, calm and patient! The family of the golden retriever had a child, when the child saw Amber, he was attracted to her totally. He walked over, picked up Amber's leash and started to walk her! Of course Amber didn't let him walk at first, but after a few moments when the child didn't stop giving up, Amber started to follow him a bit, it was a great sight! Even all the way until when we got back to the cafe, they were still having fun together. The child must have gotten the dog training skills from her parents!

shih tzu: "ello, anyone hear me?"

Since this post is more towards the fun side, i decided to cut the story short and post more pictures! We totally had fun this evening~

"ain't me so pretty?"

"whoa big bro, you have to queue to drink okay!"

"forget it! we are sworn siblings now!!"

you mean what, this dish is called Chihuahua!? 

"hey i'm still learning to use other dog's pee tray, you don't need to look"

Amber: "can i have some  Chihuahua please"

argh screw the  Chihuahua, Lets play!

Amber: "ah my BFF is leashed home!"

hey sis, let's play~


  1. Looks good! Maybe we might try going there soon, too :)


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