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Daily walk encounters...

It was a bright sunny afternoon, we decided to take Amber out for a little walk as well as tabao(takeaway) our lunch today. While my husband went to order our lunch, I was sitting on a bench with Amber looking at passer-bys. Quite a number of people noticed Amber and said she's so cute and etc etc... Then suddenly, a man in his 30s? approached and said: "Your dog looks thirsty. You should get her some water."

I told him "We just out from our house like 5-10mins ago, she's ok."

He said, "No, look at her keep sticking out her tongue, I'm sure she's VERY thirsy."

I kept quiet.

He continued "I had a dog before so trust me, you should get her some water now don't torture this poor little dog, or why not I buy some water for her instead."

Ok, I was pretty annoyed by this kind of assumption so I replied "She's fine! My husband is coming, we're going back now."

After hearing this, he left.

Amber rarely stop sticking out her tongue, it can mean a lot of things other than being thirsty. We have her water bottle in her playpen yet she still sticks out her tongue without drinking the water. Does it mean that we have to force the water down her throat so she won't get dehydrated? I do understand if cats stick out their tongue it usually mean they need water but dogs do that whole day long!

This is not the first time people lecture us for "why do this" and "why don't you do that". I encountered quite a number of people telling me what to do while walking Amber. Probably because we are a young couple and own a puppy? My husband had experience with many dogs in the past even though we did not own one together before. I remember there was one time an auntie came to us and told us not to use a leash to walk Amber. She said we were HURTING Amber's neck and leash will choke her. However, my Amber is very fine walking with leash. She has been with leash for almost 3 months now and she is still in good health and active. A lot of people like to assume things, especially those that thought they had pets of their own so they are always right. Well, they are still wrong at times, incorrect assumption will only lead to bad behaviour and unhealthy dogs. Not properly trained dog need to use a LEASH to teach them and also stop accidents. And when they are properly trained, you don't even need a leash or anything to walk them!

There was another time while I was walking Amber around my block, I saw a pregnant lady with a red male toy poodle walking towards us. And guess what, the toy poodle was walking without a leash and walked side by side with his owner. I was amazed. I stopped and had a little chat with her. She told me that her toy poodle is only 1 yr old and has no trouble walking him without a leash now. She also told me that puppy need to walk everyday, train them how to walk well and when they reach teenage-hood, they will be more obedience. I totally agreed! 

I do hope people out there especially with dogs/pups will understand through this post, dogs have been walked on a leash for many years and it has been proven right. If you do not teach your dogs when there is a chance, they might be prone to accidents outside and even get lost. Maybe in future if someone repeats the same thing, I have to reply that "I had over 10 years of experience training dogs, do you need help?". LOL!!


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