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Dog myth 10: Psychics can talk to my dog

Dog myth 10: Psychics can talk to my dog

As owners are spending more money on their dogs, it is natural that some people would find ways to make as much money as possible from those that are vulnerable, even if lying is needed, and animal psychics, or what most of them like to call themselves animal communicators, are actually one of them. As we start to meet more and more owners who's dog has behavior problems training under us, we noticed that some of them seemed to have completely misunderstood their dog just because a psychic tells them that their dogs are thinking of this and that. Many were still unable to solve their dog's problem after the visit, what makes things worst is that these owners are brainwashed about dog behaviors, which in return creates more stress in their dogs, this not only causes confusion in dogs and owners, but also make lessons hard for us to conduct as owners have the mindset that dogs can talk through images and telepathy, this may sound crazy for normal people but trust us, there are actually owners believing in such things because they wish to hear things that they want to, or things that they already have believed but wants someone to agree with them.

As always, we as a team of dog lovers do not stand on any side of humans, we stand on the side of dogs and will not tolerate them being unhappy and made used of, thus we are here to clarify that there are NO proven facts about dog psychics. In short, psychics aims to create blur line between superstition and science to confuse people, their stories are so cleverly manipulated that most owners, especially those that loves to humanize their dogs tend to be vulnerable, most if not all psychics uses a technique called cold reading, together with body language reading and studying up owner's background through friends and/or online media, psychics have been able to fool a small amount of vulnerable people and pet owners all over the world. As experts have said, if you want to test a psychic, bring a pet that isn't yours, do not disclose any details to the person or anyone related to him/her, not even the organizer or friend of the psychic, ask the psychic what is the pet's name and how old it is, well if you are like us you wouldn't be surprised to hear nonsense like, "your pet says it's something starting with A....., yes?", "oh it's something starting with a B...., no?", they can even make up excuses like they just wanted to 'make sure' or even your pet doesn't want to communicate.

If 'telepathy' ability is real, then it would've been very useful to contribute to the working society as well as adding a new finding to scientific studies, why police and other government personals do not use them is because they are not helpful in the first place, making 50/50 assumption is NOT at all accurate, anyone can make hundreds of guesses and have 50%(or even higher) chances to be correct. Psychics makes guesses and wait for people to show signs of agreement or speak into details with their body, ranging from subtle eye contact to body movements and even at times, using their mouths to agree and going into finer details, which benefits cold reading more than most will believe.

Below includes links about scientific facts and also our personal encounters/articles on pet psychics, most of these links are from reputable sources so that readers can have a ease of mind worrying about reading from fake articles, we may continue to update posts and add articles/posts to the list as time goes.

Once again this is our personal view based on years of experience on dogs, if anyone is sensitive to harsh opinions, please refrain from reading on.
This link shares the true meaning of the term Animal Communication, it is purely about understanding animal behaviors through their body language and instinct, the true meaning is actually very different from psychics who enjoy making use of the term (animal/pet/dog communication/communicator) to make their title sounds authentic.
"Scientists have not found conclusive evidence of:
The existence of this particular sort of electromagnetic energy

Sensory organs that people or animals could use to detect the energy or transmit messages using it

In addition, the energy that pet psychics describe can travel instantaneously over any distance and in any direction. Scientists have not discovered electromagnetic energy that behaves this way."
"Even though thousands of people claim to be able to communicate with animals, there hasn't been a single scientific test proving their abilities. Professional pet psychics often sell books and teach seminars about their power but don't prove that they can actually do what they claim."
"Furthermore, linguistic professor Karen Stollznow tested a pet psychic with a cat named Jed. Not only was the psychic "completely inaccurate in her reading of Jed's age, place of birth, background, behavior, health, and my health..." she was unable to tell that Jed was not her cat. Stollznow concluded that "language is human-species specific. We don't and can't 'know' what animals think."
"It’s an easy gig to speak on behalf of the voiceless. Animal communication, of a paranormal nature, presupposes that the pet is telepathic, is able to understand human language and thought, and able to “respond” in kind. “Interspecies communication” appears to be a visual and subjective or imaginative interpretation of the physical and behavioral traits of non-human animals. No matter how many commands your dog responds to, no matter how many words Koko can sign, no matter how many words your parrot can mimic, language is human-species specific. We don’t and can’t “know” what animals think. Despite our own linguistic abilities, it’s difficult enough to know what people think."
"For nearly thirty years the telepathic experiments conducted by Mr. G. A. Smith and myself have been accepted and cited as the basic evidence of the truth of thought transference...
...the whole of those alleged experiments were bogus, and originated in the honest desire of two youths to show how easily men of scientific mind and training could be deceived when seeking for evidence in support of a theory they were wishful to establish."
"We have seen people who engaged dog communicators saying that it actually works, that everything the person say about their dog is true. While there are people who claim that it works, there are also many who found out that it is nothing more than a psychological game. Most psychics attempt to manipulate you with their studies in scientific theories and human reactions, they will try to make everything sound logical and yet hard for you to understand why and how certain things happen. Other than engaging dog communicators, there are even courses that teach owners how to be a dog communicator/how to communicate with their dogs using telepathy. They tell you things like it will never work if you don't believe in it, similarly to how a con man works when he/she wants you to believe in miracle products or their prediction, they use sentences like "it will never work if you don't believe in my abilities", or "the read will not be accurate if you are not truthful with what I am about to ask you", you'd find out that its all one big round of saying - "I will not be able to trick you if you don't trust me"."
"As much as I enjoyed talking to the communicator, I knew that there was nothing she could've said to impress us, I very much understood the fact that psychics who claim that they got the information through "telepathy" are actually nothing more than what the person feels when he/she sees a dog, plus random guesses of course. Amber was obviously read based on the impression she gave, she was calm and quiet at that point of time because she was simply tired, the communicator didn't know that and straight away read her through her body language and facial expression, thinking that this was her true personality and then convert words into something "psychic" when we simply acted as if we were impressed."

Well this ends the fact here, if you had consulted a psychic and thinks that the information you got is true, think again:

1) How many answers were true, how many weren't, are you sure the psychic was 100% correct, or you simply chose to remember the ones that were correct instead?

2) When the psychic said something, did you reply yes, no or even help to fill up the things said? eg. When the psychic says, "i feel that your dog wants to go somewhere", did you answer "yes, my dog used to go to xxx"?

3) Did the consultation help your dog? Or its just there to help you believe in yourself? Did the psychic managed to "convince" your dog to stop the problems it had? Eg. aggression, housebreaking, barking, understanding commands?

4) Do you think that if you wrote down a list of questions and ask the psychic to fill them out without talking to you or asking if they were correct, would they still be as accurate?

5) After reading through everything above, was the money spent per hour worth it at all?


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