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Dog Communicators

Ever heard about dog communicators? Well we want to share our opinions on them, personally we feel that more and more people are engaging in these people rather than getting professional help. We think that this is a very serious issue and hopefully readers of our blog can learn a thing or two from our opinions, then decide for yourselves whether or not you want to place your trust in those that call themselves dog communicators.

What are dog communicators? 

Some call them dog psychics, most dog communicators claim to have psychic "ability" that is able to read your dog's thoughts. Dog communicators are supposed to be able to communicate with your dog, understand what your dog is feeling and thinking using telepathy ability. For example, someone claimed that their dog was lost and did not have enough money to hire a dog finder, he then remembered that his friend had talked about a particular dog communicator and so he went to find this person, the dog communicator then said that the dog is fed by a 'little girl' and hiding in an abandoned area near his place. The owner went to locate an area nearby and found his dog, with an empty bowl nearby.

If you have never heard of dog communicators, you will find this too hard to be true. And yet hoping that dog psychics exist, why? Because human loves miracle, miracle means we don't need to go through any hard work and magic will happen.

How dog communicators work? 

Different dog communicators have different way of approaching dogs, there are some that will ask you to bring your dog over to meet them. They will talk to you, ask you a few questions, look at your dog and "communicate" with it mentally, like staring at each other for a few minutes, they call this telepathy. After that they will explain to you what is your dog thinking.

Another way is by meeting you, some dog communicators will request for your dog's photograph, they will then read your dog's thought and behavior by looking at the photograph.

There are even some that communicate with your dog through phone calls, you call them up, explain to them about your dog's problem, then put the phone near your dog and these dog communicators will then "talk" to your dog, after that they will explain to you what your dog is telling them.

Why dog communicators? 

There are many reasons why dog owners will look to engage dog communicators, we will list our some of the more common reasons below:

 Behavior Problems
Most owners look for dog communicators because they simple can't understand their dog, barking, whining, fear etc. They hope by engaging a dog communicator their dog will be able to tell this person why they do certain things.

 Health Problems
Their dog is simply not feeling well, and every methods they had tried doesn't work. These owners will then engage in a dog communicator to "talk" to their dog and ask them why they are actually sick.

• Reaching the period where their dog is about to pass on
This is a very sensitive issue, the dog is dying and the owner hope that he/she can provide the best for their dog before they pass on. Dog communicators will "talk" to them and ask them what they want before they die, and whether if they have any last words.

 Looking for a lost dog/pet
A pet is lost and the owner's last resort is to engage in dog communicators hoping to be able to help find it.


Before we voice our opinions on this matter, we want to state that we do NOT believe in dog psychics and will NOT advise anyone to engage in these people. I have handled animals for over 20 years and have my reasons for not believing in them, and that doesn't mean you shouldn't, what we share here is just a thought for you to consider.

We have seen people who engaged dog communicators saying that it actually works, that everything the person say about their dog is true. While there are people who claim that it works, there are also many who found out that it is nothing more than a psychological game. Most psychics attempt to manipulate you with their studies in scientific theories and human reactions, they will try to make everything sound logical and yet hard for you to understand why and how certain things happen. Other than engaging dog communicators, there are even courses that teach owners how to be a dog communicator/how to communicate with their dogs using telepathy. They tell you things like it will never work if you don't believe in it, similarly to how a con man works when he/she wants you to believe in miracle products or their prediction, they use sentences like "it will never work if you don't believe in my abilities", or "the read will not be accurate if you are not truthful with what I am about to ask you", you'd find out that its all one big round of saying - "I will not be able to trick you if you don't trust me".


Long before dog communicators came about, human psychics appeared and scammed thousands of people all over the world. They claimed to be able to read people's thoughts by just looking at them, even to the extend of knowing their family's name, how old are they, how much they have in bank and what not.

Researchers have done a lot of work to show us how it is done, and also why humans fall for these kind of tricks without knowing. One of the most popular trick is by making you speak up without even noticing, psychics/fortune tellers usually don't speak in detail, they will tell you things like - "someone in your family is sick" (but they don't say who), "you have been unlucky at least once for the past week" (but they don't say when). They use words that can represent a lot of things, so you will more or less associate your experiences with every single word they pick.

It is no different for dogs, to add on, people share their personal lives online so much that by simply being your Facebook friend anyone can know what you've been up to all these years, anyone can say he/she is a psychic by just looking at Amber and tell me how old she is, how heavy and her characteristics, though this person could simple search for our email, Facebook and blog to find out everything about Amber! And yes there are many other ways out there that can be combined to trick gullible people, we will share more below.

Studying animal behaviors

By studying in animal behaviors, dog communicators can impress you by being accurate in everything they say about your dog. They study body languages - the ear, tail, body postures, eyes, like how dog trainers are able to read and predict what a dog is about to do. However, they don't explain them to you in logical explanations, they tell you it's because of things like - senses, speaking to your dog using their mind/heart, telepathy. In return you will find them "special", and thus placing more trust, and of course money in them. Simply put, many dog communicators actually incorporate basic obedience and knowledge of animals behavior into their work, and it actually helps in convincing people.

Other Careers/studies related to dogs

Other than studying animal behaviors, you will find most dog communicators having history of career in pet related area, for example being an ex-veterinarian. Having knowledge in medical studies certainly helps them to not only to "talk to dogs when they are in pain", but also promote themselves as an animal expert. There are also other pet related experiences that are constantly advertised in their resume like groomer, trainer, animal volunteer etc.

Trained in calmness

Like dog trainers, most dog communicators practices calmness, to calm dogs down. Whenever you are calm, dogs will too become calmer, to do that, one need to incorporate good control of the mind, heart and practice breathing exercises. When you meet a dog communicator, you will more or less feel the calmness in their speech and personality, therefore you may find yourself placing less attention and more trust towards that person.

Why be a dog communicator

Why be a dog communicator when these people are qualified as a veterinarian or even animal behaviorist?

1. No investments/cost involved
Dog communicators do not need any tools or complicated set ups at all, they just need a small space to conduct sessions, some even work from home and this saves up a lot of cost.

2. It's a business
How much they earn depends on how much clients they meet per day, at their own preference of time, date and venue, which is a dream job for most people.

3. It is an easy job
Because it requires little to no effort, dog communicators can tell you whatever they want to. They do not need to trouble handling your dog unlike trainers, or having to operate on dogs unlike veterinarians, they simply need to practice good convincing skills and controlling of their emotions.

4. Good Income
Most dog communicators charge about S$200 per session of 45 minutes to 1 hour, and they do not need to do anything other than talking about telepathy and anything they feel that will make you feel comfortable, more like what a psychiatrist does, but in the 'wrong' way.

Why does it still work for some people?

As we have explained above, it is all about studying animal behaviors, reading human weakness and skills of convincing people. Dog communicators more or less build confidence in you, for example, telling owners that their dog is ready to move on when it is about to be euthanized, or when the dog has not much time left in this world, they will try to convince that the dog is content with the owner's love and effort all these while. Which in fact they are just trying to make sad owners feel better, there are some who even bring their trick to a whole new level, by lying to people that their dog wants something before they die, which make owners even more assured that they had done their best for their dogs. Some dog communicators even help to encourage owners not to give up (in a different way of course), by doing this owners that had almost given up will start to have faith again and this sometimes helps, one example is when a dog is lost. By reassuring owners that their dog is still alive, it helps them to boost moral and start searching all over again, which of course raises the chance of the dog being found.

In short, we personally find that dog communicators are no more than a fake psychic. You might've noticed that human psychics and fortune tellers are getting lesser as each day passes, and that is because people are much smarter now, they do not believe in such things anymore. And now, because dogs do not speak or show much expression, people turn to dog psychics.

Is there any way to test if they are real?

Yes there are many fool proof ways to check if dog psychics are lying, and they themselves know about this. Which is why they constantly "remind" you to be truthful about your thoughts, telling you that predictions won't work if you lie and that it's the dog's fault for not wanting to 'connect' with them when things fails.

The methods we include below will definitely reveal the truth about dog communicators, why people don't do this is because nobody would waste their money to test if a dog communicator is real. Most if not all would spend the money only if they believe in them, even we would not waste our time and money to do this, but if you are interested, by all means go ahead. Do note that our motive is not to mock people, we are simply trying to explain to you that dogs don't possess any form of 'telepathy' communication, people made them up to make money. Our theory is to reveal psychic's identity by not giving them any information or simply giving a false one. If you are really keen on trying then it will be best not to find those that are recommended by friends, because these friends might actually be the one feeding the communicators information.

1 - Bring a dog that isn't yours, say it is yours and ask the communicator what the dog is saying about you.
You will probably receive something funny, like "your dog loves you as it's owner, but .....", even though its not actually yours.

2 - If the communicator can read your dog through photographs, show them a picture of a dog that isn't yours.
I can't imagine what they will say to you, most probably asking you more details about your dog and what not, in the end the answer still comes from your mouth.

3 - Make up a story, eg. "my dog is afraid of me", "my dog is lost", ask the communicator to talk to your dog.
You should receive solutions that somewhat sounds universal, like, "give more exercises", or "your dog says it is alive and well".

4 - If you are starting a session through phone, fake a breed of your dog, you will be surprised. 
Claim that you live in a big house and has a Rottweiler when in fact your dog is just a toy breed, or even better, you don't even own a dog!

5 - This is the best part, bring in 3 of the best communicators in the country, ask them to "talk" to a dog and write the details down on a paper.
Theres nothing to say about this. If there isn't any conspiracy with the 3 communicators, you can be 100% assured that they will say different things. (anyways, they will definitely find ways to reject the invitation)

While writing this article, we already had in mind what to expect after talking about this issue, even so, we truly feel that people need to be educated on what dog communicators are and our take on this matter. Of course, there will be some (dog communicators themselves claiming to be a satisfied client) that would try to argue on our definition of a dog communicator, some can even alter their stories such that they are not psychics, but some sort of "abilities" that allow them to feel dogs. Well we don't believe in such things, all we know is that dogs are simple animals, they want a simple life and do not need supernatural or psychic powers to be happy. How well a dog behaves is up to the owner's effort, talent and understanding of dog behavior.

As we always say:

"There are no untrainable dogs, only lazy owners."

Lazy owners would look for alternatives other than facing the fact.

Lazy owners would want others to solve their dog problem instead of doing the hard work themselves.

We would be more than happy to receive feedbacks and opinions, feel free to voice out your side of the story in the comments below or just email us at


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