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Pet Shop Review - Pet Lovers Centre

We have been patronizing Pet Lovers Centre for the past 6 years, the first time was at Pet Safari Simei, which i believe is the same thing as Pet Lovers Centre. We bought our late holland loop rabbit Chocolate there, and never stopped buying things from them ever since.

Pet lovers Centre in my opinion is one of the largest chain of pet store in Singapore. We could most likely find PLC at most of the shopping malls we visit. Because Chocolate do not require much effort and money to upkeep, we didn't really bother looking at the prices of other pet store, and with $80 and above, delivery is free (Previously it only cost $60 for free delivery). After getting Amber, we started to calculate the amount needed to maintain her, it then came to our mind to look at the current prices for other pet stores, mainly online shops. It surprised us on the level of competition for the prices at different shops, some had cheap food, but expensive toys, others had cheap treats but expensive grooming tools. But most shops sells cheaper products than PLC. This was when we started to stop the big orders from PLC and sourced from other online shops instead. We could save up to $20 (per $80 purchase) with this method. However this does not totally stop us from continuing to buy from PLC, every time we go shopping we would find ourselves walking into their store and at least buy something back for Amber. Why would we do that while knowing we could find a cheaper source? Because PLC has good marketing strategy, setting up shops inside malls already won half of the game, we would not purposely go out and travel to some weird area just to buy treats/toys. To make it clear, most pet stores are set up in quiet areas, along shop houses and are far and hard to find, also there are nothing else to do nearby, this is due to cheap rental rates at these areas. Instead while waiting for movie or something, we could just go into PLC, pick up some stuff and go, $2-$3 more than the average price wouldn't hurt anymore, traveling itself already cost more than that. The service isn't bad too, staffs are pretty friendly, although most do not know anything about what they are selling, they just want to sell the brand that the management wants to promote instead of brands that are actually good. Also most of the staffs are very young, which I believe half of them do not actually own a pet and wouldn't know what that particular breed really need (based on my personal judgement). The good thing is that they are well mannered, do not force you to buy and also wouldn't follow you everywhere you go unlike Pet Station. PLC stores, particularly at NEX and VIVO CITY are also spacious and big with many variety of products, it is near to doggiestyle cafe and also has a playground at roof level (NEX Mall).

As for the Pets for Sale area, everything seemed fine until the area that sells puppies. I can pretty much define a dog if it is pure or mix breed, if it is healthy, the quality of coat and also the full grown size based on studying at them for a period of time. I found that they are not really honest in their specification of breed, toy dogs especially, do not look like they are at the age as stated. For example, they show a very small toy poodle and state that it is 4 months old, to my knowledge, this toy poodle looks like it was just 3 months old or younger. This is a very commonly used strategy when selling puppies, they make you think that the puppy is small at 4 months old but actually isn't. Most of the dog's fur isn't maintained properly, some of the fur looked matted and some is even wet. I've even seen puppies that has skin condition that was put up for sale, parts of fur was ripped off due to the itchiness. Some were so small that I could see they were weak or sick. I would advice anyone who wants to buy puppies there to select carefully, prices are also overblown, although once in a while I could see a really nice and healthy puppy, it is still a rare sight.

We might try the grooming there soon, but because we really like our current groomer, we are hesitating to try others as we are afraid they would cut Amber's fur wrongly. They are also very packed on weekends and seemed like rushing to finish the job. But i have heard good things about them which is why we are still planning.

Overall this is a good shop with very well selected locations, the prices are slightly above average but with membership there is 5% discount and points for exchanging stuff, pet store are not too bad except the dog section but with research and knowledge it is not a problem.

Products Range:      
Pets Area:                  

Overall: 7/10


  1. My mommy bought me lots of things there too! Little did we know there were other and better shops to buy stuff for me from! We still buy stuff from there though

    1. Yeap, i guess we are sort of doing the same thing!

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