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There's been a lot of debate about a new business in Singapore, where you pay money to take photos with a Panda.. No, Chow..., well they call these dogs Panda chow chow. Now below are our personal opinion on this matter, if you've been a reader of this blog for awhile you should know that we do not hide information and opinion, everything stated here is truthful from our heart, so please do not feel offended if it is too straightforward.

Well, the truth is these "Pandas Chow" (or whatever they call them) have totally zero association to the real animal, they are in fact a dog breed called Chow chow, the reason for inserting the word "Panda" is only because the dogs are dyed in black patches that resemble Pandas.

So why the word Panda comes first? Why not call them Chowchow Panda? Simple, to attract attention.

From the replies made by the owner of these dogs especially towards negative feedbacks, it seems that there is a lot to understand why she would do such thing and how inexperienced she is when it comes to dogs, below is our opinion based on the information we have.

1)The couple's interest in Chow Chows dyed to look like pandas was piqued by photos of other similarly dyed dogs online.
First decided to try dyeing one dog, after she felt that the puppy had "started to look really like panda" as they grew.

Initially started as an interest for fashion, which is nothing uncommon for dog owners that wish their dogs to look different.

2)Another chow chow were really jealous of her (the dyed dog), so they tried it with them and they all had a new level of energy after it was done, she said. 

This part clearly showed that either the owner is lying about this, or she is a little "crazy". Obviously dogs don't get jealous of another dyed dog, new energy is just a marketing word used to promote the business, to emphasize that the dogs are happier after dyeing is just bull.

3)Many people kept coming and wanting to take pictures with them. So she thought "why don’t we let people come and do shoots with the dogs?", or even going to their place to take photos. 

This is getting interesting, once these business minded people see chances, they quickly grab them first. However this time round they did not understand the consequences when dealing with lives.

4)"There is nothing cruel about the photo experiences with the dogs ... They are dogs and the fact is they actually enjoy it!"

What do you mean by they are dogs and enjoy it? Even humans do not enjoy dyeing - the smell, process and torture of having to wait hours to achieve desired effect. Don't tell me that it is a psychic that said that, duh. More emphasize on dogs are happy crap.

5)Started to associate the business model with human child - the same idea that parents who turn their children into child models and actors display. Saying things like if one watch the TV you are indirectly supporting child actors.

In the first place children shouldn't be forced to become what they don't want, and most of them can speak (there are still some that can't), but all dogs can't speak! 

6)"Being cruel to a dog is locking it up all day, starving a dog to death, not cleaning up after it and letting it live in its own poo."

Being cruel to a dog is locking up all day, starving to death, not cleaning, beating, and also dyeing your dog just to gain attention and more revenue for the business.

From the points above, it seems like the owner went from a harmless thought of dyeing her dog differently, to becoming a business minded lady that does not care about the welfare of the dogs. I'm sure she is in the beginning stage of the business and nobody would enjoy being put down after getting all the setups ready, however this is a very good example to remind people again that animals should not be exploited for money.

Dyeing your dog once in a couple of months is not a major problem, but if you have to dye them repeatedly just to entertain customers for money then it will be a different story. Because it's a business, one will always have to visit the groomer constantly to touch up faded colors, there is also a problem when dye needs to touch the eye area. Many dogs get skin problem even after a harmless dye, because unlike dogs we humans dye only our hair, dogs have to be dyed throughout their body, having to think that they have to go through this constantly to achieve panda look is just sick. Just to emphasize again, there are no such thing as 100% safe and non toxic dog dye, just the same logic that there is no 100% safe and non toxic human dye, if not we would've used it on humans and every single person would be free from side effects.

These dogs have to go through hours and hours of photo taking sessions with strangers, and what are they doing that for? Are there even any positive thing to assume that the dogs enjoy doing these from their point of view? Let alone the dyeing procedure and risk, they are also allowed to be "rented" at a price, any stranger as long as they have the money can spend time with their dogs, for what again? All because of the owner wanted fame and money, everything becomes simple once you pick the major points out.

Bringing your dogs out for walks daily is good, but doing that just to seek attention is something else to consider, are they really going for exercises or just to let people take selfies? Is it so tough not to collect money even if strangers enjoy taking photographs of your dog just for their personal enjoyment?

All of these points are already obvious that the owner is not thinking about the welfare of the dogs, we do understand that many groomers are unhappy about the discouragement of this issue because they are afraid that business will be affected, less owners might want to send their dogs for dyeing services. In our opinion, dyeing a dog is completely fine if you are doing for an occasion or just for fun, but doing it to attract customers is just plain wrong in my opinion. This is why I really dislike the idea of using pets for competition, yes I get the point that some uses positive encouragement to make their dogs do whatever they want, but do they really have to perform to everyone and what's the motive of doing that, is it for the sake of the dogs or actually for personal needs? When your dog wins, what does it gain, obviously the human gains much more than the dog, then they start pushing them even further for the next competition.

Personal opinion, don't exploit your dog, it is a pet not a money + fame making machine.


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