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A sad day for dog owners and boarders

So sorry to hear that a dog had died during its stay at a boarding place. According to the post, the dog died due to neck injury.

You can visit this link [HERE] to learn more about the incident, do note that there is a photo of the deceased dog, so please view at your own discretion.

Out of concern for this incident, we made some research hopefully to learn something to prevent incidents like this. The dog being boarded was a pedigree breed, said to be of good structure and temperament (but they looked too small to be of good structure in my opinion), this owner had boarded 3 dogs, one which died during boarding. We took a look at the boarding page and managed to find a video and photo of the premise, which had a couple of other dogs, including a medium sized dog. At this point of writing, the owner did not mention what exactly happened or what the boarder told her, from the photos and research we thought that it is possible that one of the guest bit and broke the neck of her dog, the only dog that seems like it could do such a damage was the medium sized dog (note that this is just an assumption).

Of course the dog could also have fallen from a high place or even broke its own neck during running, but it's very rare for this to happen. We also learned that the place practiced cage-less environment, which is demanded by many owners nowadays, thinking that cage-free means freedom and stress free.

The main point of this post is not to judge on who's wrong and right, but to learn and prevent similar accidents from happening in future. Cage free environments are easy to set up and it's cost free, dogs that are not crate trained do not have to go through any training or special attention, the only work needed is to clean up any mess that the guests make. We invest lots of money to set up a proper kennel not because we want to torture the guests, but because we hope to keep them as safe as possible, unless the place only allows 1 dog per day including personal pets, it is impossible to separate the dogs in one environment without using barriers. Cage, crate, playpen, room, walls or whatever people call it, they are barriers designed to keep pets safe, anyone can actually abuse any tools designed and start using it for unethical means, but that doesn't mean that it should only be used for those purposes. Crate training is not easy, one has to monitor and spend quality time with the dogs to ensure that they can adapt to the new environment, in return they will become much more confident and start enjoying their stay, many do not wish to go through this path because it is tough, nobody enjoys not being able to sleep just because a dog is unable to sleep in a crate for safety. Hence to many businesses and owners, cage free sounds like a win-win situation, where both owners and businesses are happy with the set up, however things are not that simple.

We do understand that the boarder does not have any means to hurt the dog (no one of the right mind would do that) and sometimes life is unpredictable, we just wished to learn and share something to readers. I've received many enquiries from owners, wanting special service like cage free environment for their furkids, in the past I would try my best to educate them, however after some time I found that these people actually do not know what they are talking about, and they don't wish to listen, now we'll just ask them to go somewhere else. Keep hearing that it's okay and they don't mind if their dogs are injured during the process, when truly something happens then who is to blame? Of course they will start pushing blame on the business, therefore I personally feel that strict terms should be enforced to ensure safety.

Truly hope both of them can settle this peacefully and take better precautions in future, nobody can stop death but we have to try our best to prevent them.


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