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Amber's K9 Natural Trial

Most of you may know that we have recently switched Amber's meal to freeze dried raw, this post is to share her transitioning period and well as the difference we see after feeding her on this food.

Before feeding Amber on freeze dried meals, we actually gave her daily green tripe, also from K9 Natural, which was said to be able to help her transition to raw food later on. The green tripe is really smelly and Amber loved it a lot, whining from time to time when it was prepared. Preparation of green tripe is the same as freeze dried meals - pour warm water over the food, stir and feed.
After a week, we started to give Amber her first K9 Natural freeze dried meal for dinner, we chose the beef flavour, topped up with some green tripe, she gobbled it within a minute! Although the guideline said to feed about 1 spoonful per meal for Amber's size, she still seemed to be hungry thus we increase to 1.5 spoonful. On the 2nd day we could see that her poo started to shrink and became a bit dry, we continued feeding her freeze dried meal during dinner time for about 3 days.

On the 4th day we began giving her freeze dried meals for both breakfast and dinner, thankfully there were no serious problems, no diarrhea or vomiting, however her poo was getting harder, there were also some kind of musky/cloudy smell from her urine, it was a bit hard to describe but it didn't smell right. We decided to give it a bit more time.

After about 2 weeks, the poo was still hard, it felt like marbles, sometimes Amber would yelp when she poo, this was definitely because of the hard stool, we did check her butt and it wasn't injured nor red. Pee still smells weird!

Finishing the first pack which was about 1.5 months later, we got the second pack of K9 Natural freeze dried, venison meat this time round. Amber's pee smell changed right after eating venison, from musky to a kind of salty smell, poo was still hard so we added some coconut oil to her meals, it became better. The freeze dried venison seemed to look more intact unlike beef, which scattered quite easily and looked more messy, preparation method is the same - warm water, stir and feed.

Almost finishing the venison, Amber's poo is now soft, almost too soft at times, even seen watery poo (very little amount unlike diarrhea), we are reducing the coconut oil and will see how it goes. Pee smell is still 'salty', if we leave the house and enter after awhile the smell can be unbearable. Amber's tear duct seems to be red/pinkish after taking the venison flavor, not sure if she is allergic to venison but it doesn't seem serious.

We will be trying the last meat which is lamb before coming to a conclusion, at this point of time we have not noticed any positive changes to Amber's body.

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  1. Hi . Thanks for sharing. Recently I just switch my dog's food to k9 natural beef feast. I realized his poo shrink and smell weird too. But I guess that is normal. What I feel is a bit abnormal is he significantly drink lesser water and pee less. Also his mouth got some weird smell . Last time he used to have good breathe...Last time I fed him Origen and he loves to drink lots of water everyday. Do you experience same thing? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

    1. Hi Unknown, what you are experiencing is normal, when you add water to food your dog will naturally think that it needs less water intake, however this can also means that he doesn't take enough liquid and will be dangerous in the long run. You can either add much more water to the freeze dried meals, or add some fruits into the water bowl to encourage drinking, lots of exercises can also help.


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