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Dog behavior test for everyone

In this article we will be sharing on dog playing behaviors through the video below, for those who have followed our Facebook page, you might have already seen the video. This was meant to be a small test for owners to figure out what the dogs are trying to portray through their body language.

Many owners are not able to differentiate between play, rough play and aggression, some who's dog are actually being aggressive can be misinterpreted as playing and vice versa, this risk the other party getting bitten if the owners are not well prepared.

If you have not seen the video and wishes to have a try at the test, feel free to note down your views on a piece of paper/device, then come back to this article to see if your answers were correct, this is meant to be educational and fun so do not worry if it isn't correct.

Some highlights to guide you:

1) Are both of them actually playing?

2) Any aggression shown during this period of time?

3) Why was Cupcake (Japanese spitz) corrected halfway through the video?

4) Is this a safe way to interact/socialize?

Once you have written down everything, you can read our explanation of the behaviors portrayed by the dogs, their names are Ruffle (Poodle) & Cupcake (Japanese Spitz).


Are both of them playing?
Yes, both of them were having fun in this video.

Any aggression shown in this video?
None. Even though you hear growls from Cupcake, they are all harmless, I call this playful growls.

Why was Cupcake corrected?
Cupcake's play started to get rougher into the video, this is called rough play and she could've hurt Ruffle without knowing why. Dogs that are bigger in size might not be able to control their strength when they are too focused during plays, therefore we need to always remind them so that they can be calm, then allow them to start playing again.

Is this a safe way to socialize?
It isn't, you should only do this if you have experience and understand about dog behaviors, attacks/injuries can happen in a matter of seconds, sometimes playing can lead to fights and knowing how to control the situation is very important.

Other behaviors that are worth mentioning

Ruffle although was having fun, actually portrayed a 'dominant' stance, which is part of his habit as he used to always hump all the female dogs he sees. We can accept this as long as he doesn't mount onto another dog, the stance may go off with time and neutering, it should never be corrected with force.

Cupcake plays like this because she rarely interacts properly with enough dogs since young, however as the day goes you can slowly see that she starts to play gentler and is willing to share her stuff with other dogs.

This ends the post, we hope that you have learned something new!


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