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Dog myth 11: It is okay to feed my dog human food once in awhile

Dog myth 11: It is okay to feed my dog human food once in awhile

There are more and more owners destroying their dog's health and food is one of the main reason, many think it is okay to feed their dogs food that is safe for human consumption, this is a very wrong mentality and we will explain more in this post.

Humans and dogs are two totally different species, what's beneficial for us are not always good for dogs, most of the time it can even be harmful. When it comes to food, many owners like to eat in front of their dogs, thus making them curious about the food humans are having, this is when owners will start feeling guilty and may give some of what they are eating to their dogs, now if you are one of these people, stop doing this, you are destroying your dog's health just because of your selfishness. When one does something like that, they are clearly not thinking about the consequences it might have on their dog, putting aside food that are toxic to dogs, a simple slice of apple from your hands can lead to more problems, unless you have been giving apples to your dog daily as treats, which you should already have done so by feeding it at a different timing, not from your mouth nor when you are eating halfway.

If you do not feed apples to your dog daily, then don't feed them at all, a seemingly healthy apple could greatly increase risk of diarrhea and diabetes, especially if the dog happens to be sensitive to the particular food, even if it does not cause any side effects, giving your dog a small bite of apple is just like someone giving you just one slice of potato chips when you are craving badly, this only causes the dog to feel worst! This act though may seem harmless, is actually torturous and does not benefit dogs in any ways, in future if you eat apples again, your dog might think that it can beg for more, which in returns causes much more problems like appetite and behavior issues. Do note that apples are just one of the many examples, imagine if the food isn't just apple but everything else, as these junks accumulate throughout the years, dogs do get sick and die for no good reasons.

Everyone should know that dogs are very intelligent animals, they can sense human emotions and take advantage of that without knowing what's good for them, you are the owner and is responsible for your dog's life, there are no excuses as being unaware or feeling guilty, even if your dog accidentally swallows that food on the table, it is your responsibility to keep them out of reach, not put the blame on your dog! We have seen dogs being unable to enjoy their lives fully because of irresponsible owners who act as if they cares, but are actually doing actions meant to make themselves happy instead, would it be more logical that owners feed their dogs unrecommended food just to make their dogs happy, or they actually feed because they enjoy watching their dogs eat what they eat?

We have seen dogs being so choosy that they can starve for a week and vomiting bile, rather than eating their daily meals unless the owner add in new unique food, then they start starving themselves again once they get bored, this becomes a never ending problem until owners change. It is never the breed, it is the selfish humans who do not know what dogs want, some even throw in excuses, saying that getting a dog to eat it's proper meal is like humans eating the same food every single day, we will say that it's because humans are too pampered with choices to begin with, but once again our body is different from dogs, we can accept much more varieties than dogs, one also needs to understand that in third world countries, people do not choose and is happy enough to be able to eat a meal. Some blame it on the breed and personality of the dog, having a dog with good character is a bonus, but it is not for you to choose or demand, all dogs can be trained to eat properly with time and good routine set by owners, we have extremely depressed dogs (who's owner claimed that it will never eat it's meal unless topped up with some else) eating their regular meals after a week of stay with us, so please, stop blaming on breeds and work on yourself instead. There are so many varieties of meat you can feed your dog, owners can change the content of the food once a month and that is not a problem, in Singapore we have hundreds of treats to choose from, which can be used as reward to give our dogs, so why do we even need to give them food that aren't meant for them?

Now below list out the most ridiculous food we have seen owners feed their dogs, we hope that these people can start being responsible and not destroy their dog's health with their selfish actions.

Green bean soup (or similar)
This is a Chinese remedy that is not scientifically proven to work (cool down body) on humans, let alone on dogs. Beans although can be healthy for humans in general, may not be suitable for dogs, dogs descend from wolves, which are carnivores, they only evolved to take plant material as they start scavenging for leftovers, being able to take both meat and plants does not necessary mean that they do better on both! The proteins in plants can never be digested by dogs because their system are not designed to absorb them. We see owners giving their dogs green bean soup, saying that it helps to fight the hot weather, it might be good for humans but please stop this nonsense on your dog. Bean, barley, chrysanthemum, bird nest and what not, please stop all these unnecessary recipes, just keep it for yourself.

Vegetables, fruits, some even add pasta to their dog's meal, thinking that it is healthy. We can't emphasize enough that dogs do NOT need plants and grains, feed carrots and you will see carrots in their stool, and that is because it is never digested in the first place, the more plants you force into your dog, the more it's digestion system will start to deteriorate. For certain cases like extremely hard stool and such, a 10-20% plant diet could help to soften them, then it should be stopped.

Fried chicken
This is a very dangerous food that had destroyed the health of countless dogs, whether it is the dog that stole the food or owners feeding willingly, this is no different from being a selfish and irresponsible owner. Common sense tells us that dogs should not eat fried food, air fry or whatever, if it does not benefit the dog's health, then there is no need to feed any controversial human food.

"Can I feed my dog milk?", "Can I feed my dog warm milk?", "Can I feed my dog cold milk?".

Now, may I know why? No reason? Then don't do that. Other than dog mother's milk, most have zero tolerance towards milk, some cannot even take a sip of milk that is low in lactose. Milk will NEVER provide enough calcium unless taken in large amount, and doing so will only cause more diarrhea than keeping your dog's bone strong. If a dog is already healthy, there is no need to provide extra calcium, if it isn't, then calcium supplements and fresh meats/bones are the way to go, not milk.

Just one bite? How about I open a big delicious durian, just give you a bite and have the rest all to myself? When will these people stop torturing their dogs, they believe in advance future dogs that can do mind reading telepathy and yet cannot understand basic dog feelings? In the first place, dogs should not be eating durians, it is very high in sugar, they can also clog their throat due to the the creamy substance and even choke on small seeds. High sugar means that the dog will risk yeast infection and also diabetes just for owner's personal benefit of wanting to see dogs eating their own food.

There are many more ridiculous food that owners like to feed their dog which we may not have though of, hopefully this article can help new owners who have no knowledge about dogs to keep this in mind, even better if those that are already doing these to stop these unnecessary actions.


  1. Most dogs really like fruits and will gladly take when offered. We will describe some types of fruits dogs really like and whether they are safe for them or not.

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  2. Just read a very long article about Myth 11 & table food for dogs. Apples were of particular interest, it said they can lead to diarreah (?) while you indicated it could cause constipation. You were helpful, that other one was NOT. Our Golden loves to beg, and does succeed a bit, but at 4 y/old, has not had any problems we know of. He did have a may issue diagnosed at nearly one, and required a two part fix to treat his hip dysplasia and deformed knees, one side at a time. Hence he's since been spoiled a bit, and a GREAT dog, our 3rd G R!


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