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Pet Products Review - Yogi Water Bowl

Having tried and used many different kinds of pee trays, Yogi Pee Tray proved to be the best. Because of this we have recently gotten their water bowl and would also like to give our personal review on it.

Yogi is a brand that was created in Korea, designed by POWDA, their list of pet products are fairly limited but every single item is known to be simple and innovative, this had inspired other manufacturers to create similar products that are of lower quality.

Yogi Water Bowl is something that may look strange at first glance, it is a water bowl and yet you can't really any water in it, resulting in people wondering whether it is a food or water bowl.

The Yogi Water Bowl is packed in a sealed plastic, there are also instructions on how to use it, but because of the poor English translation, it looks like an imitation and might be a turn off for some people, especially if one do not know about the brand and happen to see this item on the shelf. We thought that Yogi could have just hired a human translator that can easily make this product much more accessible to the western market instead of using google translator (or similar).

The Yogi Water Bowl come in 2 colors - brown and orange, which is associated to their pee tray. This water bowl consist up of 2 separated pieces, a bottom base to hold water and a top "cover" to float inside the base, the cover looks like the shape of a cone, which we will explain the use further later. The design is very simple and clean, brown and orange really looks compatible, if you have the Yogi Pee Tray then they will look like a set!

The bowl is made of a material called polypropylene, which is known to be very safe and Eco-friendly, you can find containers, food packaging and even cups made from this material, and yes they can withstand hot water and are chemical resistant, which is very safe even for human consumption.

How it works 
Using Yogi Water Bowl is easy if you understand how it works, the base is used to store water just like a normal water bowl and the cover is made to float on water, the shape of the cover is designed for water to fill up as little as possible so that they can stay fresh. You might notice that more water starts to fill up the cone shaped cover when you give a little push, this is for dogs to be able to retrieve more water when their tongues dip into the water bowl, and yet reducing the amount of water back to their regular state when not in used, this is the highlight of Yogi Water Bowl, which not only keeps water fresh, but also prevent your dog's face from getting too wet.

We used water nozzle in the past to prevent Amber from getting her face wet, however after moving our new crate did not have grills to hold the water nozzle. We also found out that some dogs actually choke on the water coming out of nozzles, so we tried our chance on Yogi Water Bowl, and thankfully it worked, and this had actually changed our concepts about water bowls.

The downside of Yogi Water Bowl was that if dogs gets too excited and steps onto the cover, water will spill out much more than what you see in regular water bowls, which is probably because of the 2 objects clashing with each other, resulting in a larger burst of water spilling out, naturally the dog's feet will also become wet.

Other than that we feel that this is one of the best water dispenser in the market, the price tag is also cheaper than water fountains and they both share the same goal, to keep water fresh. This product is also convenient to carry around.


Review Rating: 9.5/10
quality: the quality of the product, the materials used, the durability
design: the look of the product, the shape, colors and style
innovation: ease of use, the uniqueness of the product, the size, comfort

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