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Ending of Toffee's Basic Obedience Training

Last week was the 3rd and last lesson of Toffee's training, some of you may have heard of Toffee, he is a 3.5 months old toy poodle puppy that is undergoing obedience training.

Among other dogs that trained with us, Toffee was considered one of the brightest we've had, apart from the fact that he was a poodle which are supposed to be an intelligent breed, his family actually played a bigger role in speeding up the training process, which is why we purposely made a post just for this, we strongly believe this will help people to study how different owners do things and how much it can affect their dog's training process.

When we first saw Toffee we had already knew how he was going to turn out if untaught, like most dogs that came from pet stores, he was separated from his mother early from birth, it was like an orphan without their parents to guide them, because of this you would see more crying and attention seeking actions in puppies that came from pet farms/pet shops.

The owners however knew dogs weren't suppose to behave this way, we exchanged mail online a couple of times and decided to train Toffee under us for 3 sessions, during the first session we spoke for quite awhile, they seemed to had done a lot of research beforehand, we then proceeded to clear up some facts and discarded rumors away, this gave them better understanding on what to avoid and how to improvise on good tutorials online.

Because everyone followed instructions very well, and I meant the whole family together and not just the main owner, in only 2 hours of training Toffee was able to walk beside his owner with no trouble, we saw how Toffee had a chance to turn out well so we proceeded to set our expectations higher by moving forward to teach some of lesson 2 on Day 1, also giving home practices that were supposed to be tested on the last session, motive was to try exceeding the learning capability of Toffee and his family.

On the second session we had just came from a tough training with another dog, when we saw Toffee he was understandably excited and more playful compared to the first session due to growth, but he was already starting to recognize commands, not through physical behaviors but by the way his ears reacted to our commands, this shows that during the 1 week of our absence he was trained as advised, we proceeded test out the commands we had expected Toffee to know, he did the first one very well, which was to wait at the door before going out, it was no easy task but they did it.

Second test was the "down" command, he did it at home and so we purposely brought him outside, Toffee couldn't do it due to the noise, once again this was supposed to be taught on the third session but because they were way ahead we were more than happy to share some advance training, we could see that the owner was slightly disappointed with the result but on the 3rd and last session Toffee actually did it!

Toffee at 4 months old could do things most 6 months old dogs couldn't, the training helped but what gave him the ability to learn so fast was what we call teamwork, they (the owners and Toffee) had a big family but everyone worked together and followed all the training perfectly, we were really impressed with the result, we spoke about Toffee even days after the training ended, from now on we've decided to use this example to share this with everyone else, hopefully people can reference this and work hard together to give their dog the very best!


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