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Private 1-1 Training

Our 1 to 1 private course is created to help people who are either having troubles with their dog on certain issues, or those that just wish to learn how to handle a dog/puppy the right way. Lessons will be conducted at your place, as well as areas/parks near your place for walks, we do this instead of holding group classes because we want to provide 100% attention to you and your dog without being distracted. Your home will be the place that your dog spend most of it's time, therefore all foundation should take place at home. For those who's dog has behavioural difficulties, many bad habits also begins at home.

What is included:


Basic Commands
Behavior Modification
Housebreaking Training
Walking your dog the right way
How to communicate with your dog Effectively using Science


Follow up of lessons (whatsapp) - 1 year
Evaluation of the bond between you and your dog

Duration: 1.5 hours (Lessons are conducted on Saturdays)

Minimum 3 + 1 review sessions, owners can feel free to opt for additional lessons if they want to improve further. We do not believe in long term training as long as owners understand fully and comply with the instructions and demonstration shown during training sessions, this will not only save cost for owners themselves long term wise, but also educate and get them ready even if they have new dogs in future. You can be more than assure that if you follow instructions well and not side track, you will be fully equipped on handling your dog in terms of obedience. We will proceed to advance commands and techniques once we find that you and your dog is ready.

We do not discriminate any breeds, actually we love all breeds of dogs and welcome you to email us if you have any inquiries, we will advice you on case by case basis and will not charge you if we are not able to handle your dog.

If you still have any questions, do email us at !

Feel free to read some of the testimonials HERE

F.A.Q :

How will the training be like?
For owners, you should feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable when talking to us. We like to conduct lessons in a relaxed and comfortable manner, we will speak to you and get to know each other as you  progress. But remember, we focus on owners, not the dog, our classes are designed to guide owners on dog handling skills.

During important subjects we will of course be strict with you, but when it is play time and tricks we will make it enjoyable for both you and your dog!

What are the minimum age requirement for my dog?
We always encourage to start training as early as possible no matter the age, however it will be great to have your puppy vaccinated at least 2 out of 3 jabs to make sure it is protected from any diseases/virus.

What do I need to prepare for the training?
1. Leash
2. Collar
3. Notebook
4. Your dog's favorite treat (bite size)
Click here for tips on choosing treats.

Would it be possible to train my dog if it is aggressive?
Yes, we've successfully trained many dogs with aggression.

Do you only train poodles?
We train all dogs from small to medium breed, poodles are popular because this blog is about Amber, who also happen to be a poodle :)

What if the training doesn't work?
Our training is specially designed to make training dogs as simple as possible for owners, however it will depend on individual owners whether or not they follow the training closely and apply what they have learned to their dog. We are proud to say that 100% of owners that did not sidetrack from the training had seen improvements in just a few days. Before moving forward with any form of training, we would expect owners to have read our blog and understand our training methods, we expect trust between owners and trainers to maximize the dog's learning ability.

I have engaged a trainer before and it didn't help, would yours be any different?
Different trainers have different theories on dogs behavior and how to handle them, we would be more than happy to guide you using our methods of course. There are already a number of owners who had engaged in our training even though they had attended others before and trust us, the results were different!

Why makes you think that a couple of sessions is enough for obedience?
We finally came to a conclusion after months of pure brainstorming, we do not believe that asking owners to practice a single command for 1.5 hours is the way to go. Rather, we guide owners on what to do, demonstrate how to do, get them to repeat for a few times until they get the hang of it, then we will let them do the practicing after lesson ends. This will not only save up a lot of money, but will also benefit you and your dog by letting us teach more stuff instead of getting stuck with repetitive trainings.

What will happen after the course end?
After finishing the 4 sessions with us, we may check with you the progress and if there are any queries, you can still drop us a message. Or, you can choose to continue lessons, which includes more advance commands and techniques for off leash training, these extra lessons will be customized to fit the need of your dog, also to keep the consistency of training between you and your dog.

Dogs may change as they grow older, their behavior and characteristics would also change. Our extra lessons are made to counter these behaviors and make sure it will not become a permanent habit for your dog. That being said, many owners also have the tendency to sidetrack or forget certain techniques, in which we will remind and help to put them back on track. For follow up lessons, will advice you on the dates for continuous training, it will be either bi-weekly or once every 3-4 weeks depending on your availability and how much time we think your dog will need before the next lesson. We will not hesitate to stop lessons if we think that you and your dog is fully ready.

Will you use any physical corrections on my dog?
Dogs are physical creatures, they use their body postures, eyes and mouth to convey messages. In order for us to communicate with dogs, we always need some form of physical contact to let the dog understand what we are feeling. Even so, we do NOT practice nor support physical abuse like hitting or slapping a dog, we work to make the dog respect the owners, not fear.

So yes, we may use physical corrections, but before any execution we always explain to owners about what it is, why, how and whether or not they allow the correction before we proceed. We respect owner's decision and will not proceed if it is not wanted, when this happens we will find another alternative that suit their lifestyle and mindset.

How much time do i have to spend training my dog daily?
We will provide homework at the end of every lesson, you will need to practice at least 1 hour a day to keep up with the program. For busy owners, securing a free period (at least 1 month) AND/OR additional lessons should be considered, please do not sign up for the course and then say that you are too busy to practice.

Can my family members attend the training with me?
Yes of course, we encourage families to work together in training their dogs, hence you can bring along your family to attend the training with you at no extra charges!

Are you certified?
Yes, though we do not do this for show purpose. We study based on additional interest and will regularly upgrade ourselves every now and then.

Who will i be working with?
We are a husband and wife team, Jeryl leads the lesson while Nicole take important notes and make sure all instructions are clear and covered. In short, you are paying one price for two trainers worth of knowledge!

Is there a need for deposit?
There will be a $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve for the slots. Once the course commence there will be another 50% deposit required for the remaining training sessions.

Is the deposit refundable?
No, deposit is made for owners to confirm that they wish to complete the 4 sessions without fail. We do not encourage stopping the training halfway as it is irresponsible and will only confuse your dog further.

Can i have some tips to make sure i can follow lessons well?
As mentioned earlier, we are rather strict when it comes to important subject, so we will at least expect owners to be attentive and respectful of what is covered, that is all! 


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    1. Hi Liama,

      Taste of the wild, Wellness core, Merrick


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