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Amber goes to Nex Playground

19/5/2012 Saturday

Nex was very crowded today, it was our first time bringing Amber there to Pet Safari Playground as well as the Doggy Cafe! We didn't know how to get in from the lift so we just went inside the Mall and found a cargo lift and thankfully no one kicked us out.

I helped Amber to wear her shoes and brought her into the cafe, many dogs rushed in and tried to smell her! For Amber's first time reaction, she was very scared and tried to get away but the dogs followed, the biggest dog there was a golden retriever and it was also one of the most well trained and friendly dog among them. A shih tzu as well as 2 other dogs tried to hump her, i was following Amber to check on her from a distance to make sure she is safe as well as not being too near for her to hide behind me, right away before the dog get on top of her i used my fingers to push them away. One of the owner which was my wife's friend is one of the shih tzu owner's BF, i was almost going to help to change the behavior of Max but he ran over and picked up Max right away. This happened a few times but he just pick up Max and put him at another area to stop him from humping, this will stop Max just for the moment and he will continue this in the future to any other dogs, the way to stop the problem is to push Max away, apprehend him by saying NO or something harsh, if he still tries to get near the owner should repeat the steps, finger push - apprehend - study reaction - repeat. The dog will understand what you are trying to portray sooner or later.

Max smelling Amber

There were other dog that wanted to play with Amber too but she was not willing to smell every single dog, i couldn't force the smelling butt procedure because of time and i didn't know the owner of the dogs. Amber kind of like the golden retriever, he was very calm and willing to smell and let Amber smell otherwise, i wish more dogs were like that! Amber as usual loves people, she would still get excited when people wants to play with her, it is hard for me to train in that area because i couldn't tell people what to do when dealing with dogs.

chihuahua and poodle eating ice-cream
Cute kids carrying Max

We then brought Amber to the playground, there were about 3 dogs inside, i walked Amber on leash around the playground to let her smell the area and get used to it, then throw the leash on ground and let Amber roamed. She was hesitant to play with other dogs at first, but after 15 minutes she started to play with Max and every other dogs around, but quite a number of dogs were scared and did not play but just sat beside their owner. None of the dogs there played the equipment, i decided to try by putting the leash on and guiding Amber through, she did walk the ramp up and down, initially she was quite hesitant on going downwards but after a few tries she did it like nothing! She also played the mini blocks like thing on the ground that let your dogs jump over. Amber didn't dare to try the tunnel, i suspect because it was too dark at the time, i even placed her far inside and she just stay put and try to walk out. We will try again next time, she also couldn't play the loop like thing for dogs to jump through, she was shorter than the equipment itself and she couldn't see whats in front.

caught red handed, took a shot a ran over like crazy

We really enjoyed the trip and will come back when we are free! This is really good exercise for dogs as well as building relationship between owner and dogs, i do encourage everyone not to just bring your dog in but also play the equipment there! Do put the leash on to better guide the dog for the first time. We could really see the difference between Amber and other dogs after training her for 2 months, she is really great and obedient so far, we love Amber very much and hope to let people enjoy her companionship!

thirsty Amber


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